Friday, September 30, 2011

Is It 4:00 Yet?

I'm really excited to have my little girl, ahem, younger daughter home today. She alternates weekly between my house and the house when my ex lives. Today is the day that she comes back here. I will pick her up after school today. Then we pick up her brother from the sitters place, and we should be home by 4:00.

That's when she will walk into her new bedroom that hubby & I have been working on since last weekend. She's going to be thrilled (at least I hope she will be).

We packed up her room and took out all the old furniture. some of it was pretty junky, so I'm sure she'll be glad to have it gone. We brought in and set up the matching bedroom set; mate's bed, chest with mirror and cork board, dresser and nightstand. New purple sheets on the bed, with an almost matching reversible comforter (purple on one side, white with purple and blue designs on the other), and a new pillow. A lamp was found at Sears, that has a shade almost the same colour blue as on the comforter. I trudged off to Canadian tire this morning for a specific bulb that the lamp required (we tried a regular one, but it was too big). I also paid a visit to Lens Mill Store for a piece of broadcloth in the exact shade of blue to match her comforter design. The broadcloth was put up over the cork board (it had some writing on it from the previous owner) with light purple ribbon criss-crossing the entire area, all held in place by white thumbtacks.

The bed is made, the cork board is properly covered, and her new lamp, which replaced a Disney Princess one, is on the nightstand. All she needs to do is to go through her things, and decide what to keep, and what to donate, and put her clothes away in the drawers which ever way she wants them. I'll be helping her with this chore, as I know it's one that will be easier done with two sets of hands doing the work. :)

On another note, my sister and I are gearing up to set up at Gibraltar tomorrow for our first sale weekend. Hopefully, all will go well, and we'll sell lots of product. We need to have a certain amount of sales so that we can pay the rent on the booth, and maybe, just maybe, have a little bit to put back into buying more product making supplies. I'll be manning the booth all day Sunday. If you're a Londoner, why don't you stop by and say hello?

I'm not even remotely close to being ready for Thanksgiving next weekend. But we did get a jump start on Christmas shopping. My gift is bought. :)

Wanna see?  This Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer was on sale at Sears. $412.49, down from $549.99, plus I get a mail-in rebate of $50, making the total price $416.11 with tax, for a total savings of $205.38. I'm giddy! I can't wait to use it to make some bread, buns, cookies and doughnuts. I chose this one specifically because I wanted a mixer with a glass bowl (I'm not fond of the metal ones). I did get a stand mixer last year, and we opted to buy a lesser quality one. The very first time I used it (to make doughnuts), I burned out the motor! With this new one, I know the motor can handle the hard work that will be required of it.

I'll try to pop on tomorrow with a financial report, but I'm feeling pretty crummy about our debt situation this month, so I may just skip it this time. It's going to be a fairly busy weekend, so I may not be around. I should be back posting on Monday though.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. From where I'm sitting it's 3:10 so you don't have long to wait! Your daughter is going to be so thrilled with her new room - purple is so "in"!
    Congrats on YOUR Christmas present - it looks very impressive!

  2. Your daughter's bedroom sounds delightful. I hope she LOVES it! Tell us how she reacted!!

    About the Kitchenaid, can I say I'm jealous!?! That is a beautiful piece and I'm sure it will be in use for years and years. Great price on it too! Merry Christmas!!!
    ~ Makky's Mom

  3. Congrats on the Kitchen-Aid, it's awesome!! I use mine all the time! Enjoy the special time with your daughter! :)

    Ps - I emailed you about my Tupperware party, did you receive it? :)

  4. eboo, can I order some soaps from you and your sister? send me an email to paddlingmyowncanoe(at)gmail(dot)com