Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Goals

First, I'd like to go over last month's goals.

1. Deposit the remaining $347.29 needed into the Emergency Fund. Check!
2. Put $500 into the rent account to start paying back the loan. 313/500
3. Spend the vacation money we have taken out, and to spend it without regret or guilt. Check!
4. Put any leftovers from vacation into rent account. No leftovers to add. :(
5. To earn $500 total from all side gigs. Check!
6. Draft some blog posts and see if they will actually post while I am away on vacation. Check!

4 out of 6 isn't bad, I guess.

September goals:
  1. $75 for the pager; this will pay up the account until June 1/12
  2. Continue making small-ish deposits to Emergency fund, EEE Account, House fund, Vacation fund, car fund, and laptop fund.
  3. Start 2 new funds for Business Equipment and Dental Work.
  4. Our Insurances are coming due. Pay off #1 & #2.
  5. Catch up with all paperwork for business. o_O
Of course, other things will pop up inevitably, and we will be looking at how to make the new budget work, but I think we'll be ok. I just wish we hadn't spent so much money. Oh well. We'll dust ourselves off and go from here.

At least we aren't using any credit cards. :)


  1. 4 out of 6 goals accomplished is great. Congratulations!