Friday, September 9, 2011


I was hoping that I would be blogging today that Hubby's car loan is paid off, but I can't.

I forgot to factor in interest, or something equally stupid.

There was a payment this morning of $51.01.

That leaves a balance of ..........................................................  $1.04.


On a good note, I got a package in the mail yesterday from 'It's Me, Sam'. If you click this link for this post of hers, you'll see the painting she sent me. It's the one at the very top. It's called Saskatchewan Sunset, and I lurve it!!! I have a place all picked out on the wall where it will reside. As soon as Hubby gets home, I'm going to make him hang it for me. :)

Makky's Mom, I have sent your candles out to you, so you should get them very soon. I hope you like them.

I've crossed a few more things off my giant do-do list this week. It's been very good having some time to get things done without a 3 year old 'helper' all the time. I'm learning to love the quiet of our home again.

We'll be staying home this weekend and just decompressing. The Western Fair starts today, and I'm not so sure that I want to go. It's a lot of money for not much entertainment. The kids love going, but I dunno if we will though. Although, I do always enjoy the Warriors Day parade, which is tomorrow.


  1. Well, April, I think it's safe to consider that loan PAID IN FULL!~ I don't think that measly $1 should hold you back from celebrating such a huge win!!!


  2. I used to take Kazi every year to Western Fair. In fact she was born during the Western Fair and I went into labour right after walking, no waddling, around the fair for a couple of hours. But I haven't gone in at least 5 years. It's more fun when you have young you!!

  3. Thanks Eboo, I look forward to getting the candles. :) :) :)