Monday, September 5, 2011

Toot Your Own Horn

Today, I have a challenge for all you readers, bloggers, PFers, women, men, and who ever else stumbles across this insane post. I challenge you to Toot Your Own Horn!

No, I don't mean your car/van/e-bike horn either. I want you to tell me (either in a post on your own blog or in the comment section here, which I may or may not make into a post of its own) about your accomplishments, personally, financially and otherwise.

The inspiration for today's post comes from Captain Sweatpants, who posed a question to female readers on his blog  a few weeks ago. It made for some great discussion about accomplishments great and small, as well as talk about humility gender roles in society.

His question was: "Why is it that women don’t ever admit that they’re awesome? Do you actually know you’re awesome but just don’t want to verbalise it? Or (this is worse) you don’t even realise you pure awesomeness?"

Here's the catch: I want you to do objectively. As if you were listing the accomplishments of someone you admired, and wanted to point out all their good traits, and multi-tasking skills.

So who's up for this challenge? I will start tomorrow with my own post (God grant me the strength to do this) and see where it goes from there.

P.S. - To get your giggle factor going, I would like to share that when I clicked on the spell-check for this post, it highlighted PFers. When I clicked in the highlighted word for alternate suggestions, the first one on the list was 'Pervs'. I found that insanely funny!


  1. Good post! I'll give it some thought. It's funny though as just yesterday I mentioned in my post I need to practise humility more!! I don't find it easy to list my good points or my accomplishments - it does seem to be a female trait as Michael has no problem at all sharing his accomplishments lol!

  2. I read his post too Eboo. The men that I work with have NO problems telling you how great they think they are! lol (exceptions of course) but the women just never bring up success in life.

    Something to think/blog about. I'll see how the overtime goes over the next few days - may choose sleeping over blogging!

  3. Great idea! :) I'll have to wait till I'm out of my funk cause right now I can't list anything... :(

  4. I'm a couple of days late! Sorry Eboo, but thanks for the shout out! Youre awesomeness (and everyones awesomeness) should be celebrated! If I had my way we would all have a little cheer squad following us around jumping up and down waving pom poms at all of our accomplishments.
    - Cap'n Sweatpants