Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

Hubby got up with Cub this morning and let me sleep in. He is such a wonderful Hubby. I love him to pieces. While I was still sleeping, he got down to work and started pulling apart the furniture and cleaning out DD2s room. She lives with us every other week, so it will make our surprise that much easier.

The lady that babysits Cub was looking for a Diaper Genie, cheap. Seems that stinky diapers from Cub and his daycare friend are not what a house full of adults really want to smell in the basement bathroom. she had found one on Kijiji for 5 bucks, but I told her I would bring her Cubs old one, for free.

We got to talking, and since they are in their new house, they went to Ikea to do some shopping. She had a coffee table and end table that they were just going to throw in the garbage. I asked if I could have them for DD1s apartment. Of course she let us take them off her hands. Score 1 for us. Then she told Hubby and I about the bedroom set.

She has her daughters bedroom set up for sale on Kijiji, with no bites on it. The set includes: mates bed with headboard and 3 drawers, 5 drawer dresser (tall), 6 drawer dresser with mirror (short), and nightstand, all matching. The mattress for this bed was just purchased in July. Hubby offered her $300 for the whole set. Score 2 for us!

We are now cleaning out all the crap from DD2s room, and will be bringing in the new furniture today. Sometime during the week, we will go to Mall-Mart, and buy a Bed-In-A-Bag with new sheets and comforter, and some new pillows. We've decided to take this out of the Christmas money, as we were going to buy her new bedding for Christmas anyway. The $300 will come out of Hubby's next pay cheque.

I sold $10 worth of candles yesterday to an family friend. I think I'll be putting that $10 in the new work equipment fund. I have to come up with $900 as a down payment on the new equipment, and they will allow me some time to pay off the remaining $900. This is an amazing deal, and I can't pass it up.

Next weekend, my sister and I will be setting up a sales booth at Gibraltar Weekend Market, also known as Gibraltar Trade Centre. We have committed to one month of weekends at the market to sell our wares. I have a small stockpile of candles ready to go, and she has an entire line of bath and beauty type products to sell. We are going to be focusing mostly on items for Christmas gifts. I;m just hoping we can make enough sales to warrant the rental of the booth. After the month of October, we will reevaluate and decide then if we should stay there for another month.

I will also be looking after my friends business for a week in the month of October, while he is on vacation. Which means I'll have an office to go to everyday, if I so choose. I am going to dedicate any money from this job to paying for the insurances that will be coming due in the next couple of months. I know I had set aside money for the insurances, but with paying off other things, overspending and paying a $2800 bill in June that I hadn't expected, funds are getting short again. Must tighten belt.

On another note, I got a communication from my divorce lawyer. My ex is wanting to reach an out of court settlement that would finalize any equalization of assets, and free him from ever paying spousal or child support in the future. In exchange, my ex wants to give me the house that we bought together. This may sound like a fairly good deal, but I am pretty leery. This exchange would benefit him because I know he doesn't want to give full disclosure as to all the assets he has, including the ones we had together. It would also benefit him because he would be free to purchase and RV and travel throughout North America, like he has planned. Which means I would have DD2 full time, with out child support payments coming in. Fortunately, my lawyer has already asked for the complete financial disclosure anyway, so that we can figure out if I would be better off financially to take the house, or to get payments from him. Funny thing is, I knew nothing about his plans to 'give' me the house, but both of our daughters did.  :/

The little plants out on my balcony that I have been attending to since spring are finally giving me something back. My onion plants all died, but the cherry tomato plants are bearing some fruit. I should be able to can 1 or 2 jars of tomatoes (lol) this year. The most surprising plant has been the single surviving pepper plant. It had flowered several times, but no peppers. Today, when I went to water them, there it was. One single lonely pepper on the plant. It is big enough to let me know that it's been there awhile, but hiding from me. I'm thinking next year I may try different types of vegetables, because I've had next to no luck with the tomatoes and peppers.

I have cleaning, laundry and knitting to attend to, so I should get going.

By the way, if there is anyone out there who reads this who would like to do some trading/bartering for scented candles as Christmas gifts, please send me an e-mail. If you make anything that we could exchange, it could help us both to keep our budgets down for the holidays.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on!! Great score on the bedroom set! Good luck at the market! I haven't been to Gibaltar forever...