Saturday, September 10, 2011

Workouts and No Work

After reading some of the comments the other day, I really had to think about the 'gym membership' idea. Would I really  use it enough to make it worthwhile? (I still have no idea what this would cost me.) Would it help me to accomplish my goals for strength, health and weight loss?

I know me. I can take procrastination and laziness to a whole new level. Not so good, when I'm considering an expense that could be quite large in the long run. Looking at other options is a much better idea.

From Carla: "You could do a workout DVD at home & throw in some crunches & push-ups... cheap & will tone you up. I always exercised at home, if you want to lose weight bad enough & get into shape, you'll do it. If not, then you just don't want it bad enough. This is said in love & with previous experience. ;) You have to REALLY want it! Good luck!!"

So I started thinking. What if I bought a $250 gym membership, and then quit after 2 or 3 visits? I'd be ticked at myself something huge. But, if I bought a $10 workout DVD, and only used it 2 or 3 times, I won't cry myself to sleep at night over it.

Then I got to thinking about other free forms of exercise. I love walking, and can work up a good sweat doing it. I could use laundry soap jugs as my weights for strengthening my arms in various ways. Throw in some crunches & push-ups like Carla said, and I should be all good.

She's wise, that Carla. If I want it bad enough, I will do it. If not, then I just don't want it bad enough. Although my exercising will be about increasing my strength. Weight loss and other health benefits will be an added bonus.

On a completely different note, I want to tell you about something I saw the other day. I had to drive to University Hospital, as part of my work. This , of course, is located directly beside University of Western Ontario, whose librarian staff on on strike. In order to enter University grounds, you have to cross a picket line.

I've seen a few picket lines before. In recent years, Canada Postal workers, the London Transit Commission, City of London employees, various Teacher Associations at all education levels, and auto makers alike have all been on strike. They have their picket lines, along with their metal bins with wooden pallets lit on fire for warmth, as well as vehicles parked in areas making crossing such a line difficult. All of these unions know how to picket. The UWO Library staff however don't seem to have the same intimidating presence.

The LTC won't go across the picket lines though, so it's made for some interesting route changes at the University in the past few days. Added to that mix is the ongoing construction zones in and around University Hospital. It makes getting in and out an exercise in patience.

I was stuck at a red light on Western Road,  behind a huge line of traffic. While waiting, I got a chance to watch the picketing librarians for a bit. They were all conservatively dressed, with large neon yellow vests that have even brighter orange crossing lines on them. Most of them were sitting wherever they could and wearing hats to keep the rays of sun out of their eyes. The ones who were actually walking the picket line were doing so at a leisurely pace, looking very subdued, yet peaceful. There were no cars blocking the regular flow of traffic. There were no barrel fires. There was no shouting or chanting. There were no honks of support form the traffic passing by. Yes, they had picket signs, and handed out information pamphlets, but they weren't causing a ruckus.

Leave it to librarians to hold the most civil strike on the face of the planet. :)

I've decided, although it will take me out of my way a bit, I will not be crossing their picket lines again. I can get where I need to go at the hospital without doing so. It'll just take a wee bit longer. I hope to learn more about their strike situation, and pray that it is resolved quickly for them. Strike pay can't be good for any family, regardless of what their occupation is. I may even try to help out with something by way of supplies for them, as it could take awhile for them to get back to work. I need to learn more about it.

Because I learned that knowledge is power.

And I learned that from a librarian. :)

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  1. That Carla sounds like a smart cookie! ;) :P Also, you can't rent workout DVD's, and borrow them from the library for free! So use them for a week or two, then try a new one! :) No chance of boredom!