Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

This past week, I challenged myself to: 1) 1 week financial fast and 2) 5 - a - day servings of fruits and veggies. The bigger challenge for my overall health and wellness is to lose 40 pounds by my birthday (seven months from now).

The fiscal fast didn't end up being quite what I wanted it to, but it did keep me thinking about where my money was going. Friday I did spend about $6 on chocolate bars and soft drinks for Bug (DD2) and myself. We both were having a 'difficult' woman day, so I feel it was justified. Saturday ended up being a no spend success because of work and not feeling well. The kids have each had the 24 hour flu, and I think they shared with me. :( However today, we had to head to Shopper's for some ginger ale for the sick people in the house. There were things on sale, and a promotion for a bonus 18,500 points if you bought $75 or more in the store. Because pull-ups were one of the things on sale, we definitely hit the $75 mark, got the bonus points and stocked up on something we will use.

The 5 -a- day challenge was easy when I put my mind to it. I realised it was easier to get my 5 servings in first thing in the morning by having a smoothie. Friday brought it to an abrupt halt when Cub started to vomit. I couldn't drink a green looking smoothie after just having cleaned something similar looking off the carpet. The rest of the day I did munch on veggies, but I couldn't tell you if it was enough. I did not get in 5 servings yesterday because by that time, my own tummy wasn't doing so well. Even though I am still not feeling great today, I am making myself eat and drink, but I may be shy of 5 servings again today. Overall, I think I did well, because this challenge made me stop and think about what I was putting in my body, and that was the whole point.  :)

Exercise didn't make a prominent appearance in my schedule this week either. I did however manage to lose 1 pound, likely due to all the fruits and veggies earlier on in the week. I am still having my struggle with the salt shaker, but I'm winning a little more each day.
Trent over at The simple dollar wrote a post entitled "The Resistance Fighter Inside Of You". It's a good piece, and it made me think. My resistance fighter inside of me is more of a scared little girl who whines a lot, but that's because she's used to getting her own way.

I, like Judy at We May Be Poor, But We Are Happy am going to put on my big girl panties this week, and fight that little b*tch, ahem, girl inside of me who is whining to beat the band today. Every day I will do my best to continue to make changes in my lifestyle and finances.

This morning I was blessed with time to sit, relax and knit while watching a mini-marathon of Gail and Til Debt Do Us Part. Hubby and I got to talking, and I challenged him to open a RRSP account now that his car is paid off. I reminded him we're not getting any younger, and we need to save for retirement. I made all the points about tax savings, tax deferred growth, tax deferred income, etc. He mentioned that if all we have to live on after retirement is from his pension from his workplace, we're in deep ca-ca. Indeed, we will be in deep ca-ca if we don't start somewhere. We'll have to see if he'll do it on his own, or if I need to hold his hand to get it done.

I am emotionally in a good place today. We don't feel like the sky is falling (financially speaking) anymore. It's been a tough road to here, and we're ready to fight this through to the end. You hear that, MBNA and Capital One credit cards? Your days are numbered!


  1. Aww... I hope you're all feeling better soon!! Sucks being sick! :( Take a peek at my blog today, I think it'll make you smile! ;)

  2. At least we all have big girl panties :)

    Hope you feel better. I think we are all going through the same thing. But tomorrow is a new day and we will win!!!!!!


  3. I love the gift ideas you posted yesterday. I love even more that you are taking the time to reflect and be present in all of your decisions. It is hard work.

    I hope your weekend brought rest and relaxation to you, and I wish you a speedy recovery from this illness.

  4. You go, girl! You're very encouraging to me. Love your updates.

  5. Get better soon! Some days are for big-girl panties, and some days are for acting like a 4 year old. I think both states-of-being have merit.

    Also, I think I can hear your MBNA card crying and trying to run away!!! Go get em!!!

  6. LOVE your overall "awareness" of what you are spending and what you are eating. Isn't that the first step towards making a change? Sure hope hubby listens about opening up an RRSP! So very important plus you save twice by reducing taxable income and increasing tax refund!
    Feel better soon!