Sunday, September 11, 2011

Before the Fast

Today I spent some time preparing, mentally more than anything else, for this weeks fiscal fast. Yesterday, I made sure both vehicles were topped up with gas. Today I checked the flyers for sales, prepared a weekly menu, and then hit the stores.

I bought a box of 52 pull-ups at Mall-Mart for Cub. I can get him to use the potty several times a day now, but it's still so new to him. Having pull-ups is still something we must do. For now.

Basics had a sale on potatoes, carrots and onions this week. A 10 pound bag for $1.88, so I got one of each. We were out of potatoes and onions anyway, and carrots will help with my 5 A Day challenge. The rest will go in the freezer.

Part of today's shopping excursion would be to see if I could get enough fruits and veggies not bagged, that I could make my own 'produce box'.

  • bananas, 5  $1.03
  • 0.730 kg green beans, $3.20
  • 0.660 kg yellow beans, $3.33
  • broccoli, $1.29
  • cantaloupe, $1.00
  • cauliflower, $1.77
  • field cucumber, $0.99
  • Kiwi fruit, 2 for $0.79
  • 0.660 kg parsnip, $2.32
  • 1.460 kg yams, $4.15
  • 3 X 6 oz raspberries, $2.91
  • bunch spinach, $1.49
  • 0.300 kg turnip, $0.65
  • 10 pounds carrots, $1.88
  • 10 pounds potatoes, $1.88
  • 10 pounds onions, $1.88
Total cost: $30.46

I'm going to try one of Carla's smoothies, without the chia or flax. Just juice, fruits, and some spinach. Eating healthy along with starting out an exercise routine should help me to start to feel better.
I think we have everything covered for the week. Now let's see if I can do this.
Cheerleaders Sharon, Carla and Jane, get your pom-poms ready! ;)


  1. I know you can do it!! And you'll be THRILLED with the results!!!

  2. POM poms ready!!! lol! You'll do great! Et me know what you think of the smoothie!! Good luck! :)

  3. Rah rah sis boom bah!! Go Eboo go! Cheering you on is the easy part! Love your grocery purchases - what a deal on the potatoes, carrots and onions - those are my winter staples. I think you are going to enjoy this fast!