Thursday, October 1, 2009

1000 Acts of Kindness

This morning, I read the local newspaper which announced the 1000 Acts of Kindness challenge in the Forest City.

Upon reading this article, I imediately thought that I had to post about this on my blog. I know that random acts of kindness can lift a person's spirits, brighten a person's day, or bring about a general feeling of goodwill that can easily be regenerated. I know this because I have been both the recipient and the giver of a random act of kindness.

I have purchased the coffee and doughnut of the person in the vehicle behind me in the drive-thru at Timmie's. I have donated my time to help at a local soup kitchen that provides warm lunches to Native Elders in our city. I have knitted then donated dishcloths to the auxilary who sells them at a hospital on the palliative care floor.
I do many things for others, without wanting any recognition for what I have done, in order to keep the goodwill flowing.

Thinking back through recent years, I should say thanks to the lady who returned my purse after it had been stolen and dumped in a creekbed. Not having to replace all the identification in it was a godsend, yet I have no idea who she is. Thank you kind person.
I have had a mechanic repair a leaky tire without asking for pay; another mechanic repair my vehicle and then allowed me to make payments over a couple of months for the parts, something that seems to be unheard of in today's society.
I have had folks give me clothing for my children, new and used, free of charge, and been given baby furniture as well. Strangers hold the door for me in my apartment building, and drivers wave me through when traffic is heavy and it seems I will never make the turn before the light changes.

There are a million incidences that come to mind where I have recieved a kindness from another. Yet I still feel like I am lacking in returning those kindnesses.

My challenge for this month will be to try my best to do one act of kindness per day, however small, for someone not in my immediate family.
My challenge to you is to think about the random act of kindness that is most prevalent in your mind, and try to reciprocate by doing something equally meaningful for another person. Heaven knows we could all use more kindness in this world.