Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Rambling

Yesterday, DD2 was off to her first day of 7th grade. I still think of her as 'my little girl' and when milestone days like yesterday happen, I get a little teary eyed. That little girl is still in there, and sometimes she lets herself be seen. Cub, on the other hand, is becoming more independent every single day. Before long, he'll be joining the ranks of the rest of the schoolchildren.

With the glorious silence that was around here yesterday, I managed to get a bunch of paperwork done; invoices were sent out, bills were filed, and I'm feeling less out of control with everything. I realise now I just needed some time to get caught up. I'm not fully caught up just yet, but I'm having someone over tomorrow to help me out with that. A full day between two people should get everything accomplished.

Dinner was made early last night, and then all four of us went to 'the hundred dollar store'. for the record, I kept the bill under $100, but not by much. Most of what we bought was essentials, but there were some treats as well. I also bought flour, sugar and chocolate chips for making some cookies. I'd like to make several batches to put in the freezer, if the cookie monsters don't eat them all first.

Cub has his first swimming lesson today. I'm not so sure how well that's going to go over, but keep your fingers crossed. He has the ability to be able to do what they will ask of him, I'm just not so sure about his listening skills yet.

We're having breakfast for dinner tonight. I am aiming for having all our suppers at home this week. Maybe Hubby will BBQ steaks tomorrow night?

Gotta run. It's time to head to school. :)

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  1. glad you made it out for under 100 I never do that when I go there