Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Challenges - Day 3

5 A Day:
~ morning smoothie: 1 cup juice, 2 cups spinach, 1 1/2 cups cantaloupe, 1 cup frozen berries
~ 250 ml 100% juice
Fiscal Fast:
Wow, did I crap out completely today. Hubby and I went to the 'Hundred Dollar Store' and guess what I spent? Not quite $100, but it was close. I bought coffee cream, slippers that Cub needs for daycare, a new bra, 2 baby gifts to welcome friends kids to the world, socks for Cub, a new toothbrush for me, a sun reflector for the van, and 'swim' diapers for Cub for his swim lessons.
I could have put off all of these purchases until next week, except the coffee cream and toothbrush.
Gee, when I fall off the wagon, I fall off HARD!
Health & Wellness:
Nothing to report here. *sigh*

Ok, I swear, Day 4 has to be better than this.


  1. When you do the smoothie do you do you blend the spinache and then add everything else?


  2. I add things into my blender in this order:
    fresh fruit
    frozen fruit

    I blend them all at the same time. My blender has both a crushed ice and drink setting, so I start out at low first, then crushed ice and then drink. It takes less than a minute.

  3. I'd love it if you'd share your thoughts on which smoothies are delicious and which ones you could live without!

  4. Ah, don't beat yourself up. Get back on for Day 4! You are still doing great!

  5. If we didn't fall off how would we get back on? We are just tiny little imperfect humans - be thankful you didn't kill anybody. There, doesn't that help put it into perspective for you lol!

  6. @listfulwistful; thanks for stopping by. so far I haven't made any that didn't taste wonderful. I was really skeptical about putting raw spinach in the smoothie, but you really can't taste it!

    @Sharon..I think I can hear your poms poms, lol.

    @Jane..I am thankful for that, considering my line of work, that would be considered very bad form!