Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Happens when the Apocolypse Begins....

Yesterday morning, a strange thing happened.

I was sitting here at my computer, checking e-mail, typing a blog post, cruising Kijiji and Facebook, along with the hundred other things I do online daily, when the unthinkable happened.

I lost my Internet connection.

My hubby or kids will tell you that I am like Kryptonite to anything electronic. If it uses electricity, my presence in the same room causes things to stop working correctly. It's not that I do anything out of the norm, I just have really, really, really, bad luck when it comes to electrical things.

I closed the page I was on, and reopened. Nothing.
I restarted the computer. Nothing.
I ran the anti-virus scans. Still no connection.

I thought, Oh well, no biggie, I'll just watch some t.v. till it comes back on.
No cable either. Hmmm.

OK, I can handle this. I'll just call Rogers and have them come over and fix it.
No phone line.

Excuse my language, but FML.

I had to work, and hubby was home early, so we decided to go have lunch.
We got home hours later, and still nothing.

Good lord this apartment is quiet, without the t.v. going all the time.

The ever so helpful CSR at Rogers asked me if we had unplugged anything, moved the modem, or done something that may have caused the disruption. Of course I said no. I'm not about to tell him that I can cause a 25 year watch battery to suddenly die, just by putting on the watch. Not that he'd believe me anyway. He books an appointment for a tech to come on Thursday morning, sometime between 8 - 11 a.m. Then he tells me that if the tech finds something wrong due to something we have caused, we'll be charged an extra $59.99/hr on our bill for the service call. I start to sweat a little.

No Facebook for Hubby, and Cub is having a meltdown because there is no Treehouse TV on. I make dinner, and tell them nice as pie that I'm leaving for a meeting. On my way out the door I think to myself, I hope they don't tear each other apart while I'm gone.

Two hours later, I'm home again. The apartment is still quiet. Hubby's already put Cub to bed, and he is playing poker on the computer from a disc. I grab my book, and hunker down on the couch. Yawning, I headed to bed before 11 p.m.

This morning, Cub has another meltdown because the tv is 'broke-dend'. I love that the telephone can't ring today.  The computer stays shut off, and I start another book. We have a quiet breakfast, and I take him to daycare. I wait for the tech to arrive.

I clean all the toys up in the living room. I start purging in the entryway. Items are about to start leaving our small, stuffed apartment. I decide to keep a list of how much junk, crap, useless, unwanted and un-needed items are leaving, just so I can see how much we really don't need. I sweep and mop the entryway floor. I vacuum the living room. I start pulling piles of stuff from the bottom of the hall closet. Hallelujah! The tech is here.

It takes him all of 15 minutes to get everything up and running again. And no, it wasn't my fault. Another tech was in our building yesterday, and when doing something at the point where the lines come into the building, he managed to cut the line to our apartment. Only ours. We are the only apartment in the whole building affected by this little mistake. I am so not surprised. That is how my luck is.

I jumped on the computer to write this and to catch up on reading some blogs. But the pile of shoes, hoodies and assorted other crap sitting in the hallway is in my peripheral vision. It beckons me to come finish what I've started. The tv is still off, and the phone still hasn't rung. I think that this quiet is how it might sound just before the Apocalypse begins.


  1. Sometimes it is nice to just have the quiet isn't it. Last year we lost our internet during a storm and for a few hours we were all going through withdrawl an then we just did other things.

    At least you got rid of some junk! Maybe I need mine to go off for a few hours so I can get something done about the crap behind my front door

  2. Isn't it amazing how much you can achieve when you are not "distracted" by a computer :) We all need days like this once in a while (don't tell my Hubby I said that...)

  3. lol! Glad you got your power back! It's funny but we hardly ever have anything on here... The girls play Wii, & watch a movie or tv show now & then, but ths about it. Hubby always says how "quiet" it is as he likes the tv on... lol!

  4. I sometimes love the uninterrupted breaks that come when the cable goes out - but only for short periods of time! ;-)

  5. I have to agree, sometimes that little quiet time is releasing and refreshing. Glad it wasnt anything on your side and didnt get charged that fee! I would've definitely thought about it twice before having a tech come to our place with such a fee hanging by. Glad you got it resolved. Welcome back to the online world!

  6. Michael always has music on, even in the shower! Me, I like the quiet. I can go the whole day without needing any music/tv/etc. That's the difference between being an introvert (me) and an extrovert (him) I guess. We're not TV watchers at all, but love our movies!

  7. I love a quiet house. When I work I go between having music on or having quiet.