Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals, goals, goals

More Goals in 2012

1.       Write 250 posts over the year.

2.       Make my first $100 (actual cash) in blogging.

3.       Increase followers to 50.

4.       Have weight loss of 40 pounds by December 1st of 2012.

5.       Make sealed pot to save change in until December 2012.

6.       Have a rotating buffer for monthly bills in account.

7.       Read 25 new books during the year.

8.       Get an Etsy shop to sell handmade stuff.

9.       Organize monthly bills, payments, etc.

10.   Get rid of 100 things in the house that do not need to be here (declutter).

I hope that keeping this list of things I want to accomplish will keep me focused, as I tend to veer off my path from time to time. Mostly, it will be about helping me to stick with the plan so I can check off all these items at years end.


  1. Eboo, I had lots of people ask where i bought your soaps. I think if you opened an Esty shop selling those products, you'll do well. Also any idea where I can find the pattern for the slippers? I've had people ask about those too!

  2. Love it! especially the get rid of 100 things!!

  3. Wonderful goals!! :) Good luck!

  4. Like the buffer amount idea - I used it at Christmas for the first time and it really helped knowing I had a little extra stashed away. Good luck!