Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday time

Today's a work day, and I have a ton to accomplish today. It's not quite 8 a.m., and I already have tonight's dinner on the stove. (I'm attempting to make split pea soup with ham.)

Our morning routine is a little out of whack, as hubby is home when we get up in the morning. He was summoned to court for jury duty, and was picked as a juror. For the next several days, he will home in the morning when we get up, and I will drive him to the courthouse after we drop off the kids. Parking costs downtown are outrageous! He paid $15 for parking for the day yesterday. That could easily give our already bruised budget a serious beating, if we aren't careful. Hubby does not get any financial compensation for parking costs or lunches while he fulfills his duty, but for him, it's worth the cash outlay to not have to go to his place of employment for a few days.

I am working today, and plan on crossing another couple of items off my giant to - do list. I'm hoping to get some documents to my lawyer, and fill out some other forms for something for my kids. My new organization system seems to be working, but I have to remember to keep using it.

I haven't had any change for my pot this week (no cash on hand) but I do have all year to fill that baby up. I sent in my 'beginning' weight for the challenge. So far, I have cut almost all salt out of my diet, decreased my sugar intake, and increased the amount of fruits, veggies, and water going in. Now to get my body moving!

To keep my hands busy, I'm knitting away like a fiend. I finished one cotton dishcloth, and am getting closer to getting the shawl finished. I did put a few more rows on the superhero cape, but the colour of the yarn bothers me. It's going to take me some time to finish that one.

I have to get everyone out the door shortly, so I better get going.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. My husband has jury duty tomorrow but thank goodness he can take public transportation. They do give him a 9.00 check for serving but he surrenders that to his work so they pay him for the day.

  2. I love the idea of a knitted superhero cape! So far I've dodged jury duty but I'm sure it'll catch up with one of these days.