Sunday, January 29, 2012

SNCC, January 29, 2012

Thanks to the lovely Carla for our sunday Night Chit - Chat template. Go say hello to her please. :)
What are you…
Reading? The Promise of Rain by Donna Milner

Watching? I did watch The Perfect Storm this afternoon while knitting.

Listening to? Hubby has the tv on, while I'm on the computer. Twilight: New Moon is on. "Hello biceps!" And Cub is giggling playing with his trucks.

Cooking/Baking? I went grocery shopping late today so I only managed to whip up some Sloppy Joe's for dinner. They did go over well. :)

Happy you accomplished this week? I finished knitting one Swiffer Cloth, and have started another. I also decided to try my hand at knitting socks. I'm also super happy that I managed to keep up with my paperwork this week. DD2 got a video game on Kijiji (that she had been searching for for over 4 years) for $15.

Looking forward to next week? Getting the housing situation stress dealt with once and for all.

Thankful for today? Getting some work done this weekend, so that maybe next month our finances won't be so tight. Free yogurt with coupon during grocery shopping, and keeping the weekly amount under $75 for 4 of us. XD

Ok, I'm off to go watch Twilight and see how much of a single sock I can get knitted today.


  1. Great job with the grocery shopping! $75 is great! I hope you'll post pics of the socks you're knitting!

  2. Your evening sounds really nice Eboo, especially the biceps part lol!

  3. Eboo, do you have the pattern for the slippers? My sister and mom are both looking for it, or do you know where I can find a link? Nothing is better than homemade socks!