Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Night Chit - Chat, Jan. 22/12

Courtesy of Carla over at My Half Dozen Daily. Play along if you like. :)
What are you…



(Can't wait until The Walking Dead starts up again on February 12th.)

Listening to?
Hubby is watching The Hulk as I work on the computer.

Last night I made Cabbage rolls, and we opted to have a 'leftovers' night to get rid of some of the stuff just hanging out in the fridge.

Happy you accomplished this week?
I finished the shawl I was knitting (boy, did I detest that yarn!) and another dishcloth that I found that was half done. Now I can focus on getting some Swiffer sweeping cloths knitted to use up my cotton stash. I also managed to put change in my sealed pot everyday this week, including the 39 cents that I found in the apartment building hallway today.

Looking forward to next week?
Getting the majority of the charity newsletter articles prepared and starting layout and design.
Being able to eat lots of fresh veggies this week. I devoted about $20 of my grocery budget just to fruits and veggies to help me eat more healthy.

Thankful for today?
Working out a plan with Hubby that should alleviate the housing situation stress.
Hearing my little boy tell a complete stranger that his mommy is 'boo-tee-full'.


  1. I have a recipe for cabbage rolls I've even wanting to try... Glad you mentioned it! lol! Are you going to post photos of your shawl? I'd love to see it!! :)

  2. I can't wait until Walking Dead starts again either!

  3. Love Walking Dead. I have to laugh because people don't understand when I say I hate a certain yarn. There always like "its yarn".

  4. I love Criminal Minds, I watched the old series in the holidays, haven't seen the Walking Dead yet

  5. @ Carla..maybe when I finish it up, I'll post something. I have to sew in the ends still.

    @ Michelle..I wonder if they stay on the farm for very long?

    @ Judy..It was a purple Boucle that kept getting tiny threads caught while I was knitting. Never again!

    @ Louise..You can watch the episodes online to get you caught up, but I caution, it is not for the faint of heart!

  6. Can you believe I've gotten Michael to enjoy zombie movies? Yeah, I know, hard to believe. I took him to see Zombieland and The Crazies - I thought he would hate them but no!
    I've only watched one or two episodes of the Walking Dead though, just don't get much time for TV.