Friday, January 13, 2012

Ignore Me, I'm Just Knitting

I'm not exactly a senior knit-i-zen, but I am a Grandmother, and I do love to knit.

I have gobs and gobs of yarn around this place. There are bags full of yarn and half finished projects stuck under tables and in closets. There are boxes and totes full of yarn for future projects stacked in the corner of our bedroom. Those little ends of yarn that I snip off when I switch balls, or when I've finished something? Those are all over the place, because Cub loves laying them on the floor to drive his cars on them. He calls them roads, lol. My stash is beautiful.

Hubby doesn't think so. He thinks it's a waste of money, all that yarn just sitting there with me not making it into something useful. He's forbidden me from bringing any more yarn into the house until I have used up what I already have. I'm also not allowed to spend another cent on yarn until the other stuff is gone. What's a gal to do?

Mostly everyone who knows me, knows that I knit. I knit almost everywhere, as I take a knitting project with me almost everywhere I go. I can knit while I'm waiting for my turn at the doctor's office. I can knit while watching Cub play at playgroup. I can knit while watching television or a movie at home. I knit at the library too. It's amazing how many conversations I have had with people who have approached while I was knitting. Usually they ask what I am making, and then they usually tell me that they have no idea how to knit and would love to learn or that a family member taught them years ago, but they haven't done any knitting in a long time. This is usually my intro to telling them about the charity I knit for and the free classes that happen every week.

I figure if I can get two rows of knitting done while I'm waiting for the doctor or dentist, thats two rows closer to getting the project finished. Finishing knitting something is what it should be all about, right? (OK, not always, but that's another post in itself.) Seeing as I have a ton of things I would like to make, I have to finish the ones I'm already working on. In order to get to be able to buy the Hemp/Cotton blend and knit myself a tank top, I have to get rid of all the yarn in my house first. To use it all up, I have to knit.

See Eboo knit. Knit Eboo, knit!

Happy weekend everybody!


  1. Knit! Knit!! ;) lol! You do have pretty yarn! I'm on a self-imposed fabric/scrap crap shopping ban as well. Gotta use up & apreciate what I have!! :)

  2. LOL I have to laugh because we all know I have been forbidden from bringing any new yarn into the house(well except for that slip up I had with the gift card, but that doesnt count). I have projects everywhere and am really trying to get them done.

    I even have two projects in the car.

    Knit makes people wonder what we are thinking.

  3. Your yarn is beautiful. I also love to knit but have not had much motivation. Your post has encouraged me to go and look through my yarn collection and get knitting!!!

  4. Yarn sure is pretty! You wouldn't be a gemini by any chance? We geminis are reknowned for not finishing what we started:) That's a hobby I would love to learn too but just don't have time right now - perhaps when I retire to the loooooong winters in PEI!
    Jane, see Jane read:)