Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sorry, My plate is full right now

I don't think I could possibly add another thing to it at the moment. I have to prepare to leave on Saturday for the cottage, and I still have to do the food shopping for it first. I have several reports that are due prior to us leaving. My to do list is longer than I would like, and there are regular household things that still need to be done.

To buy myself some time to get things accomplished, Cub is going to the sitter's for three days this week. I need to be able to sit and get things done, without distraction. I have to have quiet in the house in order to be able to get my reports done.

By the way, if any of you know how to schedule posts to automatically post on a future date, please let me in on the secret. I've tried doing it, and it's not working for me. Or I'm just so technically inept that I can't figure it out on my own. either way, I still need help.

On Saturday evening, I booked an appointment for Wednesday for Hubby & I to go get our pedicures. Yes, that's right folks. We did it. We put enough money into the Emergency Fund Account so that the balance reads $1000. I transferred the last of the money over this morning online. We went through all the accounts, scrounged through the couch for quarters, reduced spending even more, and came up with the last bit through a windfall. Let me explain.

Our DD1's BF's mother lives in Niagara Falls. She drove down here last week to pick them up, and take the three of them to her place for a few days. We offered to drive there to pick them up, and bring them home for yesterday. We left nice and early, missing a lot of the heavy traffic, and made it there in record time. We had some time to kill, so Hubby suggested we go play in the casino for a little while. In the same amount of time it took him to lose $200 in poker, I managed to win somewhere in the neighborhood of $600. I hid the money in my purse, and we left. I had enough to put the remaining $347.29 into the E-fund, but dinner for us and the kids, and give Hubby some pocket money. He he he! I'm so giddy right now.

I don't think I could possibly take on anything more this week, but I just got a call from a friend who needs some help in making final arrangements for her BIL who has cancer, and is not doing so well. I'm heading over there shortly to assist her with some planning issues. Please keep her family in your prayers. They are really having a rough time right now.

I hope nothing slops off the edge of my plate.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


  1. After you've written your post, to the right there are some choices. I think one of them must be called planning or schedule or something like that. Press that one, and then choose give date and time.

    since this is my first comment here, I just want to say thank for sharing your life. I enjoy your blog a lot. Have a nice vacation, and good luck with the delay posting :)

  2. I'm not a fan of blogger, nothing ever worked right for me on it, so no help there, sorry!

    Congrats on hitting your EF goal! That's awesome!! Enjoy your vacation! :)

  3. AT the bottom of your post rectangle, on it's lower right edge, you have two options: Post date and time 'automatic' and 'scheduled'. Click on scheduled and you will see a date box. change that date to the day you wish that post published.