Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011 Goals

I typically write out our budget in my spiral notebook, which is my guide, in order of priority of what needs to be paid and when. At the top is our monthly rent amount, as well as our telephone/internet/cable/fax account, followed by credit card payments and then various savings pots.

This month, I have added 3 new categories. One is the repayment to our rent account. The sooner we pay this back, the better I will sleep at night. Second is the Laptop fund. I want to start saving for this, although it not a necessity, it will make life easier when I meet with clients. Third is a saving fund for the new equipment I will need at some point for my business. I have to have it on my radar by writing it on the budget, so I won't forget about it.

My goals for August are:

1. Deposit the remaining $347.29 needed into the Emergency Fund.
2. Put $500 into the rent account to start paying back the loan.
3. Spend the vacation money we have taken out, and to spend it without regret or guilt.
4. Put any leftovers from vacation into rent account.
5. To earn $500 total from all side gigs.
6. Draft some blog posts and see if they will actually post while I am away on vacation.

I've been feeling like I'm all over the place with our money, so to try to combat that feeling, I'm going back to basics somewhat. all monies brought in during August will be divided by percentage according to Gail's Life Pie suggestions, and then deposited to those various accounts or jars.
It won't get us out of debt any faster, or get us to our savings goals quicker, but it will make me feel better about our money. That's what is the most important, that I feel like I'm in control.

What are your goals this month? How is your money making you feel lately?

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  1. I hate feeling disorganised with my money, so I can fully understand you going back to basics. Good luck this month :)