Wednesday, August 24, 2011

7 Things

Today's post is an answer to Judy's post of her 7 things. Questions like this help me to keep things prioritised, at least in my head.

What are the 7 things you can't give up, would give up or have given up? (For me, this question was about what I have, will, or won't trade for our quest to be debt free.)

Have given up:
  1. 3 bedroom townhouse with laundry facility (traded for 3 bedroom apartment and lower rent)
  2. Daily trips to Tim Horton's. I make coffee at home daily now.
  3. Buying Reader's Digest every month and buying books at full price. (ok, I have difficulty spending on anything that isn't on sale)
  4. Work suits that cost more than $100 each.
  5. Eating out several nights of the week.
  6. All-inclusive vacations to somewhere in the Carribbean.
  7. Using the overdraft on my bank account, and using my credit card.
Would give up if something were to change in our employment status:
  1. Cable. I could care less about it, but the rest of my family wouldn't be so happy with that.
  2. Discretionary spending. This would include yarn, secondhand books, pretty much anything that was not essential.
  3. Daycare. If hubby were to lose his job, or I was unable to work, Cub would continue to stay at home until he starts school.
  4. Eating out and all booze. We'd tighten down everywhere to make sure the rent and bills are paid.
  5. Savings categories, like vacations and house downpayment. These would all go on deferral until we had full employment earnings again.
  6. I would start selling everything that was not essential in our home. Kijiji would become my new BFF.
  7. Snowball payments- again, deferred until we had full income again.
What I will not give up, ever:
  1. Being a knitting volunteer. I enjoy this very much and will always continue to do so.
  2. Coffee. I could even switch to sweetener instead of sugar, but I will not completely give up my morning coffees.
  3. Internet and cellphone. These are essential to my business to keep some income coming into the house.
  4. The dishwasher. I'ma lazy housekeeper, and this saves me oodles of time to do other things.
  5. Reading books and blogs. I don't think I'll ever be the E-reader type. I prefer actual books way too much.
  6. Learning. There is still so much that I want to learn how to do. There is so much that I have yet to learn about.
  7. Growing things. I have had to cut this back from what I used to do, but I still grow veggies in pots on my balcony. I dream of the day that I can have a full veggie garden in my own backyard.

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  1. I made a post about this today also! It helped me keep everything in check.