Monday, August 15, 2011

And, We're Back!

This is what we spent our days looking out at. The lake was beautifully warm, even if there were some waves for a few days. The kids loved the waves though.

This is the area where we enter the beach. The cottage was about a five minute walk from this point.

The beach at dusk. We took a few walks in the evening, and were treated to some glorious views.

Like this one. :)

This is DD2 and my great-niece, who are the same age, tanning. They spent so many hours on the beach, just talking and having fun. And digging holes, lol.

This is my Cub, running around on the beach with some seagull feathers he had found. He was trying so hard to take off into flight. ;)

This is my Grand-Cub. Isn't he precious? The sun was especially hot that day, so we were playing games with the towel trying to keep him from getting sunburned.

Cub and Grand-Cub playing together.

This is DD2, Grand-Cub, and DD1. I loved having all my kids with me for a whole week!

And this is me and hubby. We didn't get a lot of alone time, but we did make time for one another. And Bailey's. ;)

We ate most of our meals at the cottage, which we prepared. DD1 made dinner at least 2 nights to take the pressure of having to do all the cooking from me. I found that having raw, cut-up vegetables at the table is an easy way to get the kiddos to eat more veggies. We had them with almost every meal. DD1 celebrated her 22nd birthday while we were away, so everything was very low-key.

However, while we were away, DD1 got a text from her BF, who had stayed home, to say that his father had suffered a stroke, and was not expected to live. Thursday night, John Waram passed away.

I was sad for the passing of a man I had known (many years ago), and for our mutual grand-son whom he had never met.

I can't even get away from death when I'm on vacation, try as I might.
But I enjoyed every minute of life that we had last week, and I am feeling recharged.
I'm ready to tackle the world again.


  1. Very nice!! what's under your daughter's lips?!, OUCH lol


  2. Looks like you all had a great time!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. What a wonderful family holiday! And how special that your cub and your grand-cub are so close in age. I love the tanning photo - one sunny side up and one sunny side down lol!

  4. it looks lovely! love the pics you took at dusk

  5. Well that settles it... Next time I'm coming with!! Looks like a beautiful & fun vacation! Kids are so cute! :) Love the pic of you & hubby on the beach! Great keepsake!