Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Question to Readers, Post # 2

While I'm on holidays, I've scheduled a bunch of posts to get you thinking about the everday things that we do in the course of our lives that reduce our costs or that waste money. Please leave your comments, tips, ideas and tricks everyday, so I can marathon read every single one of them when I return on Sunday. :)

What methods do you employ to reduce your energy consumption around your home? Are you the type who unplugs things throughout the house and constantly turns off lights? Are you able to keep your thermostat at a certian level for an entire season?


  1. Since it is the summer right now, and it has been a hot one, my AC is running all the time. I consider it a small price to pay since I manage to keep the electric below thirty dollars a month the whole rest of the year.

  2. I work hard to turn off lights in empty rooms and TVs that aren't being watched. I've also changed a lot of our lightbulbs to the fluorescent kind to save energy. We take super quick showers to save on hot water costs. We use a programmable thermostat, which is a bit of a pain but I can't deny that it saves money in the long run. I still think we could get the utility bills down a bit more but it would be at the expense of comfort and I'm not quite there yet!

  3. I'm the one running around shutting off all of the lights and unplugging appliances we are not using. It's saved me a ton!

  4. I have finally gotten everyone into the habit of not just shutting things off but unplugging them. If they are plugged in they still draw current. You would be surprised at the number of things that stay unplugged for days.

    We also have the central running because of my mom and sons asthma but since we keep the temp at a current it isnt to bad


  5. This is something I am continuously working on as I have two people living with me who don't give a hoot about how much hydro they use. So yes, I am one of those people unplugging things and writing notes and leaving them in conspicuous consumption type places. We have started unplugging all of our power bars and it does make a difference. I would love to hear more tips!

  6. I wear my furry russian cossack hat. Instead of turning on the heat! Its so ridiculous on me that its cool... or so I tell myself.

  7. Its Captain Sweatpants BTW who has the furry russian cossack hat :P

  8. I unplug at the wall when I am done using .The next one comes along and has to replug....and sometimes it seems to be too much to replug back into the wall, so they donot!
    A programable temp control works well as each couple of weeks the setting get set lower and lower,
    only for the winter.
    Getting into routine of early morning cooking in batches......lots of easy food to snack on means less fridge door hanging open, less oven heat in the house during the day . We tend to eat out less if there are things to eat around the house.Muffins, cookies,leftovers from BBQs....if any! HA