Friday, August 5, 2011

Side Gig Budget

I sent in my report to my contractor, and got word back today of how much I will be paid.
In all, I worked approximately 26 hours last month, and with some mileage added in there, I'll be receiving a cheque for $1325.00. Remember, this is only one source of income for me, and is fast becoming the largest.

Here's the breakdown of where this money will go:

$ 662.50 - to Business Savings Account for future Tax Liabilities
$ 350.00 - to the Rent Account
$   50.00 - to RRSP Account
$   50.00 - to EEE/TFSA Account
$   60.00 - to Debt Repayment (Personal Income Tax Owing)
$   75.00 - Cash to Transportation Envelope
$   77.50 - Cash to Life Envelope (groceries, school supplies, other)
$1325.00 Total

It will likely be at least another week before the cheque comes, at which time I'll be away on vacation. Less chance for me to spend it. ;)


  1. So what exactly do you do for your side gig?

  2. Nice extra $ per hour you pulled in!

  3. This side gig is assisting an out of town company to provide cost effective funeral services to families in my hometown. They do most of the work online, and I meet with the family in person to get documentation signed.