Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post # 250

Here are some things to celebrate today:

  • this is my 250th post on this here blog
  • by monetizing, yesterday I cumulatively 'earned' $10.00, thanks to everyone who clicks on those ads
  • after tomorrow's payment, Hubby has only 2 payments left on his car loan
  • we talked last night about how to get all the debt paid off in a year
  • Side gig # 3 is turning into part-time employment with that company
  • Sunshine outside and no tornadoes in London

What I'm thankful for today:
  • having money in the bank to pay bills gives me peace of mind
  • pre-paid credit cards to order things online
  • healthy children who make me laugh and want to beat them at the same time, lol
  • a Hubby who loves me with all his heart
  • knitting with such lovely, soft yarn
  • having a 12 year old editor sitting beside me while I type this
  • coffee, yummy coffee
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Congrats on #250!! And on getting $10....I monetize, and it is usually pennies.

    Debt paid off in a exciting!

    Thankful here....for my kids, who keep me on my toes, and always make me laugh.

  2. Congrats on 250! And I'm in the same boat as Mysti, I monetize and it's usually around a quarter a day. But I'm fine with that, I know I'm new.

    Today I'm thankful for my family, friends, and my great job.

  3. I monetize too and in 4 months its only added up to $40, so you must be doing something right!!
    Let's see...what am I thankful for today?? Well, I went into my school and started organizing my classroom and it felt really good - I am so thankful I have job security and only three years left til retirement.
    And I'm thankful I got to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law this morning for coffee to catch up after being away for 7 weeks.
    I could go on and on...:)

  4. Jane, it took me from day 1 until now to make that $10. $40 in 4 months is way better than I did! Lol!

  5. Congratulations on #250! And I usually don't earn but a few pennies a day, so double congratulations on that! I am thankful for family,home and friends~