Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Breaking All The Rules

OK, so I have no idea what Carla did, but she must have done something pretty bad to get her blog taken down! I mean really! You gotta watch out for those PF Bloggers. They are notorious for telling the truth and showing the whole world the evils of credit card debt!!!

Imagine my surprise when I get home from my glorious vacay, plunk myself down in front of the computer to catch up on my blog reading that I missed last week. (I did miss you. Every last one of you. You know who you are!) I click on my favourites, and open the file of PF Blog sites. I read all of Gail's words of wisdom. Then I click on Carla's blog. (Are you really that surprised that you're #2 on my favourites list, Carla?) And then....


Bewildered, I click the link again, thinking, what the h-e-double-hockey sticks did I do wrong this time????

Still nothing.

OMG!!! Where did Carla go? I need my fix of what I affectionately refer to as "My Crack Dozen Daily". (Her blog is addictive, and should come with a warning label, BTW.)

Several clicks later, and I still can't find her. I start feeling depressed, and despondent. I start grieving for a friend I've only known online. (I don't have that many in the real world either, so I try to keep the ones I do have, even if they are only in pixel form.)

Finally, I move on to the next on my favourites list, and then another when I start to hear the Hallelujah Chorus coming on! Carla's not gone, she's only moved (hopefully to a better blog thing-a-ma-jiggy.)

So to spare you all the same panic, grief and sadness of losing a good friend, here is her new address:

P.S. to Carla: I don't want your $10, but I will take a Pickachu hat or a really dark Mug Rug. ;)

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  1. ROTFL!!! Ok, you totally made my day with ths post! I've had such a crazy morning & I really need a laugh!! Thank-you!!! :)