Thursday, August 11, 2011

Question To Readers, Post # 3

While I'm on holidays, I've scheduled a bunch of posts to get you thinking about the everday things that we do in the course of our lives that reduce our costs or that waste money. Please leave your comments, tips, ideas and tricks everyday, so I can marathon read every single one of them when I return on Sunday. :)

When you look at your credit card statement, or loan balance, do you remember all the things that brought you to that balance, other than interest? Can you remember what you bought, or the dinner you had that cost so much money? If you can remember any of it, how do you feel now about spending that money? Was it worth it to you?


  1. There's only one word for al your Q's No, I don't think about what i spent the money on, and NO NO it was not worth it... but at the time I didn't know that either!

  2. I pay off my credit card every month so I usually remember everything. But I use my card for points so there are a lot of transactions and $400 a month to the orthodontist is on there too. I don't regret most purchases. In the last few months I've only regretted buying 1 pair of shoes because they don't fit as well as I hoped.

    I don't impulse buy very often anymore so I don't feel bad about what I've spent. So yes it is worth spending the money.

  3. I have three main categories of loans, student loans, mortgage, and my car payment. Thankfully, I do not have any credit card debt.

    I wish I would have worked more during college (I worked 45 hours a week while attending college 21 credit hours a semester but I feel like I could have applied more towards paying off loans).

  4. I used to be oblivious about my cc statements, but now I check it online nearly every day as I subtract the amount out in my checkbook. I never, ever want to carry a balance, so I will not spend more than I have in my checkbook. AND, I only use the cc for the cash back bonus!

  5. When I was in debt on a credit line, it was so that I could stay home on my maternity leaves (3 years total) and when I did go back to work, I worked as little as possible, so while I don't know exactly what went on the LOC, I do know it was because I wasn't bringing home enough money. Was it worth it? Ummm... I have to say yes, but I think I could have spent less during those years by paying more attention to what I was buying. Some regrets but overall, I wouldn't trade that time off with my babies to have not had the LOC balance... Not exactly a PF-friendly attitude, is it?

  6. I no longer use any cc's but am still paying them. So no I can't think of a single thing that was worth it.