Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's been several days since my last post, and I'd like to thank everyone who commented that they will still read my dribble.

Change is in the air: the weather, the season and our budgets.
It seems everyone has got something going on that has/will affect their budget. Ours is no different. I'm trying to figure out where the $150/wk daycare payment is going to come from. I'm going to be on payroll part-time for one of the side gigs, so that should cancel out the daycare payment. But who knows. It likely won't kick in at the same time

Today I'm working on making a chicken soup for dinner, from left over bits and pieces of chicken from other dinners. I also have a huge pile of paperwork to go through, so that should keep me out of trouble for awhile. Invoices and bills, statements to be filed, and assorted other stuff. Not going to be a fun day.

Thank goodness I have coffee.Wish me luck!


  1. perhaps not a fun day but an effective one, getting lots off the to do list.

  2. I find there are few things a good cup of coffee and a good song on the radio cant fix.

    have a peaceful day!he radio cant fix.

    have a peaceful day!

  3. Budget cuts are no fun are they?! I need to rejig our budget too.. It never ends! :/

  4. Life seems to be full of ups and downs recently. I'm still reading just haven't been up to comments much lately. Hope your day goes well

  5. Good luck with your projects. Have a productive day!