Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Spending Recap Jan. 15 - 21, 2011

Here's our spending recap for the week:

Sat. 15th:   $11.48 coffees & breakfast (work); $17.01 tobacco; $14 - phone & clearance priced cookies for DD1; $2 - juice; $51.00 pizza for 5 adults; $30 - gas

Sun. 16th:  $17.01 tobacco; $21.91- small grocery shop

Mon. 17th:  $195.00 - groceries for 2 weeks; $2.15- mitts and notebooks for DS

Tues. 18th: $40 - cost to file defense for small claims court; $41.44 - XL black ink cartridge (business expense); $14.81 - fish& chips dinner for 2

Wed. 19th: $XXX - remainder of rent owing; $34.02 tobacco; $5.25 - hospital parking;

Thurs. 20th:  $30 - gas; $70 - bills; $25- debt; $10- RSP; $3.36 - coffee;

Fri. 21st: $40 - gas; $17.01 - tobacco

Added up, there was $165.76 of costs that didn't need to be there. We are working toward making this number smaller. It's likely that the cost of tobacco will  never completely be out of the budget. I know we shouldn't smoke, but we do. The cost of filing a defense in Small Claims court is something I never could have predicted as it was completely out of my control. I know the outcome will cost me money in the future, sometime in May or June, but it is unknown what that will be. At the most, I figure it will be around $2000. But that's why I filed a defense, because I think that the amount that I am being taken to court for is completely outrageous. I won't say what the circumstances are for this court proceeding, but I will let you know the outcome when it is all over.
This week, I give myself a 'B' for tracking our spending. I didn't write things down right away, but I at least had the presence of mind to get receipts for everything, or use a debit card so I could write it down later.
This is the third week of tracking, and still going strong!

I'm hoping to get 3 No Spend days next week. Wish me luck!

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