Friday, January 14, 2011

The little guy and I are off to playgroup this morning. I know there's a Timmie's in my very near future. I worked late last night and didn't get home until after 3 am. For that, I am treating myself to a coffee today from a gift card received at Christmas so I still won't be spending money.

Our daughter and grandson came and spent a night with us this week. I'm definitely not used to being woken up a few times in the night anymore. His little mewling cries are still adorable though. It's great being a grandma.

I haven't spent enough time reading this week, or knitting, so I'm hoping for a quiet weekend doing some of both. DD1 lent us a movie to watch, which both hubby and I would like to see.

On a really good note, we've managed to get one of the items on our Financial Goals Page accomplished. At the time I added the page, I wasn't sure how much money was left owing on this account. It was a long time paying it off, at 20% of DH's weekly paycheque. In approximately 14 months, we paid off over $8000 of debt in this manner. That's one more debt completely wiped out!

*happy dances around livingroom*

Hope you all have a great and spend-free weekend.


  1. Congrat's on getting that $8000 paid off. Feels great, eh?!!

    Thanks for the update on "being a Grandma". I was wondering how that was going!

  2. That's great - another one bites the dust! I don't know how spend-free I'll be this weekend as I'm going to the annual Wine and Food show later today. I have a free pass though to get in so saved $10 bucks there:) I'm sure as a personal friend of the Jambalaya restaurant (hence the free pass) and also a personal friend of people who work at Saffron's I'll be able to score some free food. Getting some free wine might be a challenge however!