Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I am determined to finish my shopping by this Friday. If I can't get it finished by then, I have set myself the ultimate goal of being finished shopping by the 10th of December. I can't go into stores or the mall after that (unless it's the grocery store) because the temptation will be just too much for me. I know myself. If I see more *things* in the store, my mind will start telling me how *that thing* will be the perfect gift for kid/hubby/friend, etc. It will blow my budget all to high heaven, and I just cannot do that.

Yesterday, I went to Talize and picked up a couple of clothing items for Cub and 3 Dr. Suess books in fantastic condition. I also found a book on "How to Draw Manga" for DD2 that I think she will like.

Something to read: check! Except for hubby....must find him a book he will like.

I typically buy each of the family members a DVD of a favourite movie or television show. For DD2, I got the first season of The Big Bang Theory (she asked for it). For Cub, I got Ice Age, the Mammoth Christmas Special. I'm still looking for a decent movie for hubby, but if I can't find one, I won't worry about it.

Something they want: check!

I was in the bank yesterday chatting with the teller who I almost always deal with. She was asking about my shopping, and if I had finished yet. I explained that DD2 has some strange eclectic tastes, and so I would be buying her a prepaid credit card so she can order exactly what she wants online. The teller asked for her bankcard (technically it's mine) and processed a request for a new bankcard with a Visa logo on it. She will be able to use it, but it acts like a credit card for online purchases from a security standpoint. When she uses it, the money will come directly from her bank account. No credit for a 12 year old!

Something to wear: check! (She will buy the specific clothing items she wants this way)

Now, for the something they need...hmmm....I still have no idea what to 'buy' for this category, but I suspect it isn't something I can buy anyway.

I still have to get hubby something for his birthday, which is December 26th. But I have an idea.

That's it for now. How is your holiday shopping going?


  1. A while back you were looking for Christmas baskets. Do you still need them? I found a bunch I forgot we had. You can have them if you'd like. Drop me a line,

  2. Big Bang Theory - oh my goodness, that's our favourite show these days.... there's a little of Sheldon in all of us over here - watching that show is totally our stress reliever!!! Awesome show!

    As for my shopping, I'm doing good. I have a few small things to buy, mostly stocking stuffers and our immediate family will be done. As for the extended family, I'm going to be writing a post on that in the coming days...

  3. I'm mostly done. Need to finish up my husband's stocking & plan a breakfast or something to bring into my younger son's school.

  4. It looks like you're doing really well with the gift shopping except for DH! Why are men harder to shop for than women?? Luckily Michael tells me lots of things that he wants - socks, pjs, books, but none of that is very exciting. But, like you, I have an idea...

  5. I've got some of it done:
    DH is getting an xbox (i got it for free), a new Bathroom Reader book (I love these too!) and the big ticket item: a racing game for xBox that is apparently a really big deal, but i can't remember the name of.
    Sister in Law #1 is getting a piece of art. SIL #2 is getting a pair of earrings I found back in August. MIL is getting another pair of earrings I found back in August. FIL: I have no idea. I might leave that one to DH.

  6. You're doing great!! :) I just need to finish up stockings mostly... Hoping to be done by the end of the week! We shall see!!