Thursday, December 1, 2011

Month End Report

I didn't do this last month because I was in such a depression over our finances. It hasn't been, nor still is pretty, but we are slowly figuring it out. Here are the numbers.

TFSA/ EEE Account $41.71 (down $418.83)
Xmas Fund/Car Fund $50.02 (down $1553.70)
RRSP Savings Acct. $160.07 ( up $52.88)
Vacations Account $4.01 (down $44.64)
RRSP MF Acct. $1,757.93 (up $70.18)
RESP MF Acct. $1,529.47 (up $157.72)
Emergency Fund Account $24.51 (up $15.57)
House Fund $10.04 (up $5.01)
Biz Savings/5 Categories $50.90 (down $78.17)
Canada Savings Bonds $1,745.00 (up $140.00)
B's Savings Acct. $19.69 (down $39.41)
$5 Bill Laptop Fund $0 postponing this for now

Personal Loan: $6,120.50, up $465.00
MBNA Card (27.98%): $1,063.16, down $150.57
Capital One Card (19.8%): $2,809.19, down $138.96
CIBC Visa (19.99%): $346.70, new account
Overdraft 1: $621.32,down $27.26
Overdraft 2: $396.99, up $396.99
Tax Owing: $9,692.82, up $6,501.56 (correct as of Nov.21st)

Our current total Debt owing: $21,050.68

Total Debt owed January 1, 2011: $23,861.01
Difference since January 1, 2011: $ 2,810.33
Difference since last report: + $ 7,393.46


That is a huge difference in only 60 days, but we knew it was coming. The reality is, in the past I have not been setting money aside for tax obligations, and now it is catching up with me. I have incurred more debt by means of a new credit card (to start rebuilding my credit), using my overdraft again (I know, not good at all), and reborrowing from the 'personal loan'. All the work we have done to pay down and off our debt has come to a screaching halt. It looks as though all we have paid off in 11 months is a mere $2,800. But we are determined now more than ever, to see this thing through.

In the last 60 days, I have cut back on the household spending, cancelled services, stopped pre-authorised withdrawals for RRSP & RESP (until our cashflow can handle it again), and reduced the daycare expense. In the coming week, I will try to reduce our cellphone bill (again) and pledge to put something into each of the savings pots.

Our expenses for December far outweigh our income, so we will absolutely do our best to pay what we can and make a gameplan for 2012. We are considering RRSP catch up loans. I will talk more about that in an upcoming post.

So that's it in a nutshell. It isn't pretty, but it's all ours. ;)


  1. I hate taxes! Next year I'll actually be getting money back, which will be nice.

  2. Don't do the RRSP LOANS!!! bad bad idea, my mom got suckered into one and its been a nightmare ever since the money she borrowed has gone by the wasteside and she is still paying it off 10 years later!! It's a scame don't do it!

  3. Getting it all laid out is the right first step to seeing where you're at. You can do this!

  4. Wish I had some words of wisdom to share. All I can do is give you big hugs and say some how or another it'll work out, I know it.