Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

We finally put up our Christmas Tree today.
No, this is not it.
This tree is from the home of Greg Horn, a Marvel comics artist.
But if Hubby would let me, this is pretty much what our tree would look like.
To see how it looks when it isn't lit up, pop over to Bleeding Cool and look at all the pics.

Tonight I'm making baked chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies for dinner. After dinner I plan on tackling a shortbread cookie recipe and peanut butter cookies.

I just finished "Knit, Purl, Die" by Anne Canadeo. It's part of a series of mysteries. I wasn't all that excited about it, but there were some shared recipes and knitting patterns at the end.

Listening to...
Hubby and DD2 playing Bioshock. Hopefully I can get the t.v. from them later so I can play a video game.

Looking forward to this week...
Christmas Eve with family. This week should turn out to be full of visiting with family and friends.

Happy you accomplished this weekend...
Getting our tree up. This year Cub is starting to 'get' the Christmas idea, along with Santa. I can't wait to see his face Christmas morning!

How was your weekend? Link up with Carla and myself so I can read your chit-chat! :)


  1. Hey, I got to join in this week!

  2. Morgan would LOVE that tree!! lol! Very cool! That's neat that a novel would have knitting patterns at the end of it! :)