Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Stuff

I got my Bloggy Secret Santa gift in the mail last week, and didn't have a chance to blog about it.
My gift box came from Kitchener, so I suspect I know who sent.  ;)  However, they didn't sign their name, just signed it from Bloggy Secret Santa.

I wasn't home when Canada Post tried to deliver it, so it went to the nearest postal outlet, which is only a block away. I picked it up on Sunday, eager to see what was inside. There was a card, one beautiful hand knitted dishcloth, a pair of fuzzy socks, a paperback novel, and some Lindt chocolates. I'm waiting until I have some downtime around here to dive into the novel (I'll likely read it all in one sitting anyway). Thank you Secret Santa for the wonderful gifts. It was a lot of fun to get something just for me in the mail that wasn't another bill. :)

The Bloggy Secret Santa gift I was sending out is going to another province, so I had to make sure it was out on the 12th to ensure delivery before Christmas. I reused a Christmas box and filled it with a number of things that the recipient would like, most of them being handmade, but not all by me. I do hope my recipient posts when she gets her stuff. :)

Last night, we had dinner out with Gramma, and then headed back to her place for a visit. She's working lots lately, so we haven't been able to spend too much time with her. While there, I discovered that one of the things that's been bothering my tummy lately is eggnog. I'd been trying to figure out why I've been having so many tummy troubles and have been taking note of the things I'm eating and drinking. Eggnog is one of the culprits I think. Which is too bad, cuz I do like to have a rum & eggnog during the season. I think I'll have to switch to something a little more tummy friendly for me.

As soon as we walked into Gramma's last night, I noticed something different about her Christmas tree and the decorations. I said something about it looking like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Then she told me what happened. She had spent the better part of a half a day setting up her tree and decorating it like usual. While putting away the boxes when she was done, she heard a crash from the other room. One of the legs on her tree stand had broken (it was quite old) and the whole tree came crashing down. There was a huge mess. Most of the ornaments had broken. I mention this because her ornaments had been given to her from her grandmother and mother-in-law. Hand painted, impression glass ornaments, some of which had come from Holland two generations ago. Very old ornaments. Some survived the tree incident, but not many. She was so sad about this. These are things she can never replace.

She did show me a handmade ornament that survives, partially because of it's materials, that was given to her that once belonged to her mother's grandmother. Two pipe cleaner Santas with wooden bead heads and beards. They came to Canada with her mother in the 1950s I think. It was interesting to hear her talk about the ornaments and how old they all were while she pointed out her favourites.

I gotta run. Work calls. :(

Have a good weekend everyone.

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