Monday, November 21, 2011

What a Great Weekend!

Friday, I did lots of running around, and spent most of the evening camped out on the couch doing absolutely nothing, letting the television 'zombie-fy' my mind.

Saturday, I was up and at it early though. I worked very early, and tried to get some brochures printed off for the charity Keeping Kids Warm. I had a problem though. The brochures didn't survive through switching the file type for saving purposes. So when I tried to print them off, I was losing about a third of the page of information.

DD1 graciously offered to take Cub overnight so that hubby and I could spend some time with one another and with one of our friends whose birthday it was on Saturday. We spent several hours at DTKB (Down Town Kathy Brown's) dancing up a storm. I offered to stay sober so that I could drive us home, and also because what we had planned for Sunday. It was important to me that I wasn't hung over for our road trip.

By the way, being sober in a bar packed full of middle-aged people who aren't sober was an experience in itself. I fully enjoy people watching as a hobby of mine, and this was no exception. I may have stumbled on to a good idea for the future. Stay sober while everyone else is acting crazy.

I woke up Sunday somewhat tired and sore from the dancing, but in otherwise a good mood.

We drove to Toronto for a 2 o'clock performance of The Addams Family, The Musical. I loved it. Hubby won tickets to this performance from BobFM so it only cost us gas to get there and back. Knowing my love of all things death and weird, Hubby thought this would be perfect for us. and it was! After the performance, I got my picture taken with the actor who played Lurch. :)

We stopped for dinner on the way back to London, and were home in time to watch this week's episode of The Walking Dead.

It was a good weekend overall.

Now back to the grind.


  1. Walking Dead was good last night!

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! :) And yay for free tickets!! Nice! :)

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun, glad you enjoyed the musical :-)

    I prefer being the only sober person in a gang rather than being one of the drunkest there!!

  4. How perfect - a weekend full of death and weirdness! That would suit me to a T also! That's where Michael and I go to dance at DTKB's!Haven't been since September though - maybe this weekend.