Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Autumn Cemetery Pics

I didn't have a lot of time yesterday to take pictures, but I did manage to take a few while walking through the cemetery.

I'm not sure what type of plant this is, but there are several planted along a hedge. The sharp leaves were a bit wilty yesterday from the frosty night we had.

I chose this image because of where it lays. In this area of the cemetery, there are many old upright monuments, and this gem was laying in/on the ground among them.

Many of the monuments in the older section have this fungus/moss growing on them. After some time, it starts to crumble the stone beneath. All I could think was, "Out of death comes new life."

A couple of full sized cover slab monuments placed directly over the entire grave/lot.
The huge uprights in the background are wonderful pieces of work, with beautifully carved urn shaped tops. Both of these types of monuments are rarely made anymore because they would be cost prohibitive.

Here is a close look at the larger slab monument, placed in 1901.

Another old beauty.

This beauty is slowly sinking into the earth. I wanted desperately to peel away the grass and earth that will eventually cover it, and bring it back up to a level where it can be seen by all. Truthfully though, trying to level this with the ground again would probably break it.

They just don't make behemoths like these anymore. Way too expensive.

This monument was one of three hiding behind some bushes that were likely lovingly planted eons ago. The bushes are now bigger than the monuments, perhaps shielding them from some of the weather.

Just look at the intricate work on this piece. How beautiful!

Same with this one. Such craftsmanship.

This is a style that isn't seen much anymore. A whole piece of stone carved to look like it was formed from several field stones put together.

See what I mean?

A larger example of this style.

From the front. You can just make out the delicate carving of the information.

That's it folks. Just a teeny, tiny glimpse of the beauty I saw in the cemetery.

Go for a walk, while the weather is still reasonably nice. There is so much beauty to behold.


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  1. Cemeteries are amazing places. So much history. Great photos Eboo, thanks for sharing.