Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Thanksgiving is a particularly difficult holiday for me, as my step-dad passed away during Thanksgiving weekend some 20 years ago. Since that time, I have never been big on celebrating the holiday, although I make it a point to remain thankful for all I have that others do not (and I don't mean the material stuff).

We spent some time this weekend with Hubby's family eating turkey and having a laugh or two. But most of our weekend was spent at home, waiting on the phone to ring. It's our weekend on -call and it's been rather busy. Today is our regular on-call day, so we will have been on-call for five days, and will continue to be until 8 tomorrow morning. Which is just fine by me.

My sister has decided not to continue with the booth at Gibraltar's. We'd only sold $5 of stuff all weekend, and with rent being in the $85 range, it is just not good business sense for us. I have another 'market' type  place in mind, and knowing that the season of holiday bazaars is about to start, I'm not too worried about having places to sell our wares. I need to spend some time repackaging some of the candles. The oils from the wax and fragrance got  too warm, and the boxes and bags don't look too good anymore.

The bank accounts are frighteningly low right now as we are waiting on monies coming in from the business. We really need to stock up the pantry and freezer but it will have to wait. In the mean time, we are 'eating down' what is in the freezer now. I'm hoping to get it low enough to be able to defrost it to get rid of the ice build up that has accumulated on the inside of it.

I'm planning on tackling the 'office' area of the apartment this week, to see if I can make some sort of sense and order to it. There is still filing to be done, and some paperwork to catch up on. That should keep me busy for most of the week.

And there are books I have that I want to read.

And there is knitting to be done.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and getting things accomplished.

"All money is is a tool. A dollar bill is no different than a shovel. It's used to get you something." - Gail Vaz - Oxlade 


  1. I am sorry about your loss. Easter is our "tough" holiday...as it was the last holiday we had with Hubby's father...he passed 3 weeks later.

    And I am sorry your business venture didn't work out as well as you hoped. I know I always wonder how much people make at craft fairs. I love to go and look around, but I may only buy one or two things at most. I can't imagine sitting there for 2-3 days and coming home with $5.

  2. I am sorry for your loss. October is hard for us also as I lost my father and the kids lost there dad in October.

    I am knitting away myself. I would explore the craft fairs and I work with one at our high school and home made soaps and other things always sell well

    good luck