Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Top 10 Checklist

Thanks to Carla over at My Half Dozen Daily ( who attributes her post to Momof2 at Abundance: Frugality, Food, Fitness and Fun ), I have also decided to make my own Top 10 Checklist.

The idea is to make a list of ten things that are important for you to do every day. Write them down, and then check them off as you go along.

At first I thought, "Oh, I'll just write down the top ten things I need to do today" and then I realised after rereading both articles, that the list should be things you need or want to do everyday. Thinking about it while writing my list really shows what I value and where my priorities are.

My Top Ten Checklist
  1. Write a blog post, a letter, a thank you note, or a section of my story. Writing everyday is something I love doing.
  2. Have my 5-A-Day. Smoothies make this much easier but I need to keep this a priority if I ever expect to lose any weight.
  3. Clean for 1/2 hour. I can break this into two fifteen minute intervals if need be.
  4. Do 1 load of laundry. We go through lots of clothing, and the mountain never seems to get any smaller. I have to keep up on this, and this is a good way to do so.
  5. Spend 1 hour a day making or creating something. (Knitting, plastic canvas, candles, etc.)
  6. Spend 1 hour daily on business paperwork. This should keep me caught up.
  7. Make dinner from scratch.
  8. Exercise for 1/2 hour; Walking outside in nice weather or doing at least one circuit of my DVD.
  9. Spend 1/2 hour on budget/spending or finances. Must. keep. costs. down.
  10. Spend time with members of my family, either individually or together. I love spending time with these people, so I will continue to show them that they are a huge priority in my life.
So, that's my 10.

And this post means I can cross off one thing on that list today. ;)


  1. Great goals list, very detailed.

  2. Great list! :) I was out for most of the day so have a little "catch-up" to do!

  3. A very well-balanced list! Where will you put it?