Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Links, Love and Hate

I got my first 'hater' comment yesterday. Anonymous (why do they always post without a name?) managed to insult my husband, myself and my children, along with blaming me for what is wrong with society in general, all in 3 short sentences.

I must be moving up in the blogging world if I'm getting those kind of comments, lol!

I've left the comment up for now, just in case anyone is interested in finding it, and making a rebuttal. Good thing I have thick skin. ;)

Of course, because I posted yesterday that I needed more hours, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Yay for money coming in.
DD2 loves her room! She's slowly working on putting things away, and making a 'donate' pile to let go of some things as well.
Thanks to everyone who has left encouraging comments on my posts about having such a bad month. I know it's going to get worse before it gets better, but I'm still prone to get in a funk over the financials. Oh, how I wish I were not in this mess in the first place. But, it is what it is. I've sharpened the shovel, and am ready to dig us out of this once again.

If you have not already done so, please, please take the time to get your Will, and Power of Attorney documents done. has a great article called 6 Things to Know About Creating a Will. It points out valid reasons why everyone should have these important documents.


  1. It seems people have nothing better to do than put others down when they are working towards goals that anonymous people are jealous of.

    I'm sorry you had this happen to you.

    You're progress is stunning and inspirational. Keep up the fantastic work! I may not comment often, but I read your posts daily.

    Can't wait to see what October brings to you!!

  2. Ok google finally let me in. Ignore the trolls they are just jealous because we are working towards goals and succeeding.

    October is gonna be a good month


  3. I've had a few of those too... I always put them up. lol! If they're REALLY GOOD I even make a post of it! lol! I think people who don't have the balls to post their name have no business commenting at all! :P

  4. Well you know it wasn't anybody important lol! So far I haven't had any of those types of comments but there's always a first time I guess. I sure wouldn't let it bother me, they don't know the real "us". And never will thank God!

  5. Disable the anonymous comments. I did it the other day because of my "friend", but I wish I did it sooner. If you have something to say....then OWN IT. Don't hide.

    Keep on keeping on....

  6. I just did my numbers for Sept. and it sucked in 7 shades of

    I need a good October so hope it's good for all of us.

    I found your blog through Judy. ;-)

  7. glad you didn't let the commenter get to you,
    you're doing a good job!