Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Post for Angus

As promised, today's post is for Angus (HI!!).

We met with some members of the local Gail Club Wednesday night. There was one new member in attendance. I didn't have a Gail Book on the table so we may have missed some new people coming in. Sorry if you didn't see us because of it.

We talked a lot about how our respective members got started, and how through trial & error, they did what worked for them. (Ya know, the personal in personal finance?) The newest member said that he and his wife has the budget all set, the jars ready to go, but something is holding them back. The something being the fear of change I think. Been there, done that!

Another member reported that whose debts were in astronomical amounts in 2007, have now paid down their debt to $2500 (excluding mortgage)! That's fantastic. Three cheers for S & K!

The older member of our group talked about her 'sandwich generation' challenges; her children saving/not saving while attending school; her invoking Power of Attorney for Financial matters for her ill mother; retiring recently and struggling with her own finances while trying to keep her husband on board.

I've had a few busy days since then, and am trying to take it easy this morning. It's our weekend to be on call, so I've made very few plans for us this Thanksgiving weekend. DD1 is coming over to spend the day with us (without the grand-cub) so I think I'll pop a chicken in the crock pot for dinner.

I've not been keeping up with my Top Ten list this week, but I do read it every morning, and its location on the fridge is a good reminder of things that I want to be doing that align with my priorities. I would like nothing better than to spend the entire day today knitting and just being with my family, but there are chores to do, and laundry that won't get do itself. Hopefully I will find me some motivation to at least get some laundry done today. I'm even more hopeful that the phone will ring, and there will be more work for me. I've agreed to take on some extra work from the 20th to the 28th of this month, and that should provide us with some much needed additional funds to get our finances back on track.

Maybe there will be a ton of sales at Gibraltar this weekend! :)


  1. Good luck at Gibraltor and Happy Thanksgiving Eboo!

  2. Oh Eboo - thanks so much for your wonderful tribute to me in your blog it was great meeting with you again this week and helping out with advice to our newest member!
    I agree it is definitely fear that holds us all back from taking the necessary first steps to the road to financial freedom.
    This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the London Gail Club group for being there as a support system, especially you and partner and our other regulars that have been there along my journey, during hard times and good ones as well.
    Thanks again Eboo and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family:)