Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend

It's been very quiet around here so far this weekend, even though we're on call. It's about what I expect though. Usually the first long weekend has most folks on their best behaviour, and aren't quite the risk taking type that we see later on in the summer. Which is fine by me. I can get some things done that are on my gigantic to-do list!

It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon on a glorious Sunday, and I'm making some scented tea light candles for one of my side hustles. My sister is building a business supplying some gift shops with scented products. The shops that she supplies to have a largely tourist base, who want to purchase items made by First Nations peoples. One shop has all manner of aboriginal art and the like, so our scented products fit right in with the theme of the shop.

What scents? Mainly Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage, which are traditional medicines to Aboriginal peoples, for use to purify, uplift and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.These scents are being used in handmade glycerin soaps, shower gels, body mists, and of course the scented tea light candles.

Our hope is to have some gift sets ready for the upcoming tourist season. At a fair price, a gift set will contain one soap bar, a 3 oz shower gel, a 3 oz body mist, one scented tea light and a hand knit washcloth, each product of the same scent (Sweetgrass, Sage or Cedar). We're hoping to have more orders for these gift sets than we are able to produce in a short period of time. I personally would like to have my own profit from these products to help me eliminate some of the debt we are carrying. How great would that be?

I'm off to go start packaging some tea lights for sale. Let me know if anyone is interested in trying them out.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

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  1. They sound lovely!! I hope it all works out for you! You could look into the arts & crafts fairs here each season maybe? :)