Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spreading Some Link Love

I love sitting at my computer, cruising the Inter web for great blogs, articles, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I know there are gazillions of bloggers out there, posting on all matter of things to do with life, love, money and an abundance of other topics. Sometimes I find some great new (to me) bloggers, and some wonderful posts. I'd like to share a few with you.

Digging Out and Up wrote a blog about Casper The Friendly Busker. I loved this post because of the gems of truth that are written in the post about bloggers and people in general.

David blogs at My Two Bucks. He did a list blog  called The Big List: 1,019 Different Ways To Save Money. I've not read through all the links yet, but I'm likely going to just to see if there is anything there that we haven't hit upon yet. New ideas are like gold to those of us who have been on our Journey for awhile now.

The Path to Frugality  has wife and Mother Martha, reading through "The Tightwad Gazette II" by Amy Dacyczyn, posting some goodies. This link will put you on to the Muffin Primer, as I like to call it. If you are a fan of homemade muffins, bookmark this one, print it out or whatever. It explains how you can make homemade muffins using almost anything you have on hand. The possibilities are endless.

And finally, Organizing Junkie has a great post on how to get started on de-cluttering and organizing. It's called PROCESS steps and helps you to think differently about cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing. I may have to try this!

How about you folks? Found anything new or interesting on the inter web that you would like to share?


  1. Great finds, thanks for sharing!

  2. I am going to check out the Muffin Primer for sure - I LURVE muffins!