Friday, May 6, 2011

As you know, hubby hurt his back a couple of weeks ago. He didn't work for thirteen days on doctor's orders. He is back to work now, but not having his regular pay cheque for that time will stretch our budget to unimaginable limits. When you're expecting in the neighborhood of $700-$800, and the pay is only $69.00, there isn't much you can do but not spend. We can't spend what we don't have. Unfortunately, that also means that we can't pay bills with it either. He will get WSIB, but who knows when that money will come in?

The garage sale is tomorrow, and I'm sad to report we are still not prepared. We haven't gone through any of the rooms and closets as planned, and now we have less than 24 hours to get it together. I'm thinking it's going to be busy around here tonight, not to mention messy. Hopefully, we can get some stuff out of here and make some money selling our crap.

My sister and I are taking the little guy on a road trip today. She's wanting to purchase some supplies for me to start making some candles that she can supply to the retailers that she already does business with for her handmade soap and soapstone carvings. She thinks that having some sweetgrass, sage and cedar candles will help her expand her business, and I have offered to help. I know nothing about making candles, but I'm willing to learn. Hopefully, I can make a few bucks that I can put toward debt repayment. Snowflakes, here I come!

This morning I'm making fried bread for the ladies who meet at playgroup. Some of us decided to make a snack to bring for everyone to share, and two of my friends asked me to make fried bread, a First Nations treat.

I have a lot on my plate this weekend. I hope to be back tomorrow with another post. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Hope your day is productive and that you find lots of stuff for the yard sale!!!

  2. You are in a tough spot at the moment - I hope your snowflaking attempts will help you OUT of it soon. It is a great strategy to have more than one way to earn some extra snowflakes. Good luck on the garage sale!

  3. Ouch! :( When my hubby was off work for surgery we ate through our emergency fund in the 6 weeks it took for disability to come in! Hope you get your $$ soon and make some cash at the yard sale! ((hugs))