Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strawberry Season, where are you???

Had a very good night last night with family & friends for my daughter's celebration. Dinner was delish, even with my modifications for the folks with tummy issues. My sister did a 'Strawberry Teaching' for everyone. There were lots of giggles at different points of the teaching. I think that olden times, the Strawberry Teaching was  the start of teachings of the birds and bees.

I contacted a lady through a Facebook community/swap page who made a Togepi cake which was fantastic. I wish I had pictures for you, but my camera is crummy. My DD1 took pics though, so next time she's here, I'm abducting her camera card to upload the pics. :)

By the time everyone left, there was no food left! considering I cook enough for a small army, that's a good thing. No leftovers to rot in the fridge for weeks before I eventually throw them out. I want to use up leftovers, I really do. But they usually end up in the trash. I'm slowly learning to use up leftovers, but not having them in the first place is even better.

My only problem was not having local, fresh strawberries for our drink and dessert. With the delay in the growing season, and all the rain and cool weather, I wonder what will become of the local strawberries this year? Will we even get any?

I'll leave you today with these thoughts:

  • buying groceries for the week and the dinner for under $80
  • making scented candles makes the house smell real nice without burning any
  • gearing up to help my sister with her side hustle business
  • children having daily meltdowns
  • worrying about having more bills than money
  • depleting every last bit of savings we had
Have a good Tuesday everyone.


  1. It's been such a long, cold year here, it does look lime fresh, in season fruits & veggies are going to be pretty sparse for a while!

    Good job on the groceries & candles!! :) Sorry about your emergency savings, I'd be soo upset too! :(

    Hope things look up for you soon!

  2. I would sure be sad if there is no strawberry season this year! I'm a little worried about ALL of the crops this year as it's been too wet for farmers to plant their seeds and the growing season is getting shorter and shorter the longer the rains continue. Prices are already high enough too!