Friday, May 27, 2011

No Yard Sale Again

With all the work that I managed to get in this week, I never did get around to calling the church to ask about a table. Turns out, I am going to be out of town working tomorrow anyway, so I wouldn't be able to sell our stuff. Which slightly bums me out, but by working I will definitely be earning more than I would have brought in from a sale table.

I'm going to be buying a digital camera in the next couple of weeks or so, and I plan on using it to take pictures of the sale items and post them on Kijiji. Hopefully, I can still get rid of our extra stuff and make some money, on my schedule instead of someone else's.

The camera will come in handy to be able to take pictures on our adventures with the children, and so that I can figure out how to add some nice visuals to my blog posts. :)

I know nothing about cameras and I am definitely not a photographer type. I could use some suggestions on camera types, styles, prices, etc. Reader comments/advice will be certainly appreciated today.

I'm working on mostly nothing today, trying to give myself some down time. The extra work this week and the weather have caused me to have some general soreness and pain in assorted body parts. I really need to just take it easy today.

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  1. I use a canon powershot - it's supposed to be the best camera in it's price range. I bought one for my daughter for her highschool graduation gift and she liked it so much i bought one for myself. I've been very happy with it - it has a large viewing screen and it's own rechargeable battery which is a must for me - don't want to have to buy batteries.