Thursday, May 5, 2011

Helping another

A friend of Hubby's from work came over for dinner last week (our treat) and a visit. We talked for some time about issues that they both are having at work, and how the company has declined over the years that they both have worked there.

We started talking about finances. She revealed that she filed bankruptcy about a year ago. She told us of her struggles as a single parent, trying to make ends meet on her lone wage, and the things that she has learned in the past year. Learning how to say no to co-workers when they ask her to join them for after work activities. She learning to live within her means, which I think is the most important lesson for everyone.

We assured her that she is not alone in her struggle, even though our situations are different. We told her of people we've met who have had to do a consumer proposal because their house was going to kill them both financially and physically. We told her our story, and how it seemed that there was an interplanetary conspiracy to break us financially. And how we found our light at the end of the tunnel, Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Our friend was receptive to ideas that we have learned to be very helpful, and even borrowed a couple of our books, including Debt Free Forever. With a new shift in her thinking, her future can be so much better.

I just found it so interesting that someone would come to us for advice on how to improve the finances. Ha!

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  1. It was nice that she was comfortable to open up to you about her finances. It can be a scary thing to talk about to some people.