Monday, February 14, 2011

Thoughts on February 14th

On the weekend, we went out with our best friends from out of town. Dinner at Shoeless Joe's was tasty, and we went to see the movie 'The Mechanic'. Then we went to visit other folks as a group, and played cards and drank wine for the rest of the night. It wasn't the cheapest way to have some fun, but it was less expensive than it could have been.

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Yep, we one of 'those' couples. I totally dislike the thought of spending money on something just because the stores are full of red and pink, and because the calendar says it's a certain day. Big deal! We decided when we got together that it wasn't to be celebrated between us. Personally, I choose to do things throughout the year which show my man how much I love him. Every year, he is relieved that it's an expectation of others that he doesn't have to try to live up to. Hubby's co-workers think that it's like sacrilege that he doesn't 'buy' me something on V-day. But we do what's best for us, no matter what others may think.

We watched a very interesting documentary on The Passionate Eye last night. They were uncovering the truth about chocolate, and how it comes from the fields and ends up in our homes. The majority of the cocoa used to make chocolate comes from farms that use child labour to harvest the cocoa beans.
Go here to read a bit about it. After watching this documentary, it has certainly changed the way I think about chocolate. I know I for one will not be eating anything other than Cadbury products that have the fair trade logo. I cannot knowingly indulge in a treat that I know has been involved in the trafficking of children for the purposes of harvesting cocoa, without pay or even having their basic human needs met.

Likely, my waistline will thank me for it as well.

To all you romantics out there, have a great Valentine's Day. To all you nay-sayers (like us), Happy Monday!

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