Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Slow Down

As I sit at my computer, reading blogs I love, and waiting for the blueberry muffins to finish baking, I thought I should write a post about my week. It's been eventful some days, and others have been pure bliss in not having to do anything other than regular daily chores and meals.

This week, I worked some. I even got an unexpected call for work, so that's extra moolah for the savings (when it comes in). We had a snow day (again), even though it didn't snow near as much as the weather forecasters were predicting. I'm keeping up with work paperwork that needs to be done. Not doing as well this week with keeping up with my spending journal. :(

I have baked, and cooked, and planned some meals for the coming week. Planning certainly helps take some stress out of my busy life, but with the urgency of my work calls, sometimes even the most well-thought out plans don't materialize. Such is life for me.

I managed to get some knitting in, and plan on doing a lot more of it today. I'm also preparing a meal for tonight and parts of another for Tuesday.

Yesterday, we tidied up before Gramma came to watch the kids. We worked briefly, then went to see the concert/production. I have to say that the music was amazing. I heard lots of my favourite songs from led Zeppelin, and at one point cried during a song. Sounds kinds hokey writing that, but it was so beautiful, it brought me to tears. Ok, ok. I know. I'm lame. Whatevs.

I finally got the back tires on the van replaced, and at a much lower price than I had anticipated.

As for the money situation, I'd have to say we're good right now. I would like to talk to hubby about retirement savings and such, so that we can start formulating a game plan for 2012 Budget. I refer to it already as the year of Retirement Savings, as that will be my focus. Of course, that's presuming we meet all of our debt and savings goals for this year.

Well, the muffins are ready. Still warm from the oven, with melty butter. Yum!
Hope you have a great Slowdown Sunday!

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  1. MmmmmmmmmmI can almost taste those muffins:) It's good to have a financial focus - getting my line of credit paid off before I retire is mine and so far so good. Have an extra muffin for me!