Friday, February 18, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust!

The overpayment amount owing for CCTB is gone!! Whoo---hooo!!! *insert happy dance here*
The remaining amount was only about $60 or so, and that was deducted from my CCTB with today's payment. This is a debt that has been hanging over my head for awhile, and I am so glad to have it gone.

This whole fiasco started several years ago. In 2006, I was married to a man whom I had been with for several years. Things got bad, and I decided it was best for me to leave the marriage. In 2007, when I filed 2006 taxes, somehow even though I explained I was still living with my husband for over half the year, my taxes got filed as a single person for 2006. That marital difference made a huge change in my income tax that year, as well as my CCTB. In 2008, things started to catch up. My now ex filed his taxes for 2007 earlier than I did, and he tried to claim our daughter as a single full-time parent. When I filed, red flags went up at CCTB. They told me that he had already claimed the Tax credit for her, and as her full-time parent, he was entitled to it. And I owed them money for having lied to them about having my daughter.

Wait a tic. What?!? I explained again that we shared custody of her in equal amounts of time. I was told that I would have to prove with documentation from people who know me, and her, that she did in fact live with me for part of each and every month. In the meantime, they wanted all the money back that had been given to me since I had separated from my ex. To the tune of about $5000. They just took him at his word, and I had to prove what I was saying with documentation. Talk about frustration!

Well, all of this takes time. When it finally got sorted out, the majority of the money owed was due in part to my having filed as a single person in 2006. The amount dropped to $3700 that I owed, but I still owed it.  Since February of 2008, they have been deducting half of monthly benefit amount to recover the overpayment. Finally, two years later, it is done! The last $60 or so was paid today. Thank goodness that is over.

For the past couple of years, CCTB has paid me my portion of her benefit for 6 months of the year (August thru January) and then paid the ex his portion during the other six months (February thru July). I have received notification that as of July 2011, this will change. I will receive one half of the monthly amount each and every month. This way parents will get a dollar amount every month, seeing as we do actually have our children every month of the year. It makes sense, seeing as I still have to feed her and clothe her during the alternate six months.

On a completely different note, I was wondering about something. There is a certain song I hear on the radio from time to time. I have found in my experience, every time I hear that certain song, I end up getting a work call within 12 hours or so of hearing it. Does that sound crazy to you? Am I imagining things? Have you noticed any weird coincidences in your life that are similar?

Between a full moon, a holiday on Monday (for most people), and the weekend millionaire syndrome, I imagine I won't be straying far from my work phone. I'm preparing for a busy one this weekend.

I plan on laying low, and not spending money this weekend other than restocking the fridge and pantry shelves. Grocery shopping, here I come.

Have a great weekend folks!

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  1. That sounds like a very complicated tax situation. A friend of mine is in a similar one and the crux of it is over who has custody and proving it.

    I don't have a song, like you do, but I see 4:44 morning and afternoon every day. 4s seems to pop up everywhere in my world. I haven't figured out what that means yet.