Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day 2011

Here in Ontario, we have a holiday in February called Family Day. It's a relatively new holiday, only a couple of years old. Not everyone has this holiday off as of yet, but since Hubby took the week off for our vacation, we have been spending a lovely day at home with the kids.

We stayed up late last night with DD2, talking about our experiences in school that we had at her age. It was a real eye opener for all of us to see where we all were in our own development at the same point in life. We talked about teachers and classes that made impressions on us for good or bad, and what types of classes we were good at or not so good at. This was nice, as she just got her Term 1 Report Card on Friday, so we were able to tie that in with her current studies, her likes and dislikes in class, as well as giving her some much deserved praise on a job well done.

Over the weekend, without prompting (or even asking), Hubby logged into his online banking feature and increased his payment amounts to our debts. The increases may not have been very large, perhaps maybe an extra $10-$20 per week to each debt, but over the length of time we are paying, it should save us hundreds of dollars in interest costs. Even though he doesn't like to look at the numbers all the time (like I do), or seem as focused on paying down the debt as I would like to see, the truth of the matter is he is committed to getting this debt gone. He has put his his money where his mouth is (or his brain or whatever) and shown me through his actions that he too wants to be debt free. Gosh, I love him so!

We are working on trying to potty teach our little guy. It's not going so well. He has no interest in going on the potty. I keep watching for the signs that he is ready, but in truth, I think he's just lazy! He has on occasion, woken from a nap, or overnight sleep with a dry diaper, so he is very close I think. But he just won't do it. I don't stress about it though, because when I look at the big picture, I know he won't still be in diapers by the time he goes to Junior Kindergarten. He will be 3 next month, and I will be picking up the pace of potty teaching after that. The goal is to have him out of diapers by the summer time. Wish us luck!

DD1 and the grand cub are coming over this afternoon for an overnight stay. She will be watching the younger ones for us tonight for our Gail Club meeting, and we'll be watching grand cub tomorrow for her while her and the b/f have a meeting at Ontario Works. It turns out that the day after I posted the second part of my interview with her, the b/f lost his job. As much as it was a disappointment, it most likely will work out in their favour, as it will almost guarantee that they will qualify for assistance, until they can get back on their feet financially. Besides, isn't that what it's there for, to help those who truly need it?

I have a meeting tomorrow with a colleague who has asked me to look after his business while he is away on a week's vacation. I'm hoping that I will be able to have enough to do to earn me a few hundred bucks to make up some of the shortfall I am anticipating in next month's budget. The months of March, April and May tend to get really tight for us, just before the business contract comes in. This will be the first year in a very long time that we won't be facing eviction proceedings prior to contract payment. Yay!

Hope you all have had a happy Family Day.

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