Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recognising My Triggers

I've been very quiet with writing for a few days. It's because I'm having some things that I need to process in my brain, work out in my head, then move on with the business of living life to the fullest.

One of my issues is that I typically hit a 'depression' period in winter that can last for months! Thinking about this now, I don't think that the 'funks' I get in are typical of a 'clinical depression' that may require medical intervention or treatment. I just don't feel as well as normal, and things bother me a great deal more than they should. I think the majority of this stems from seasonal temperatures and lack of sunlight. What I'm impressed with this year is the fact that it's February before I started feeling this way. In the past, I've started having issues in December and it lasted all winter long. I also think that stressors like money issues, which are typical for us in winter, add to my un-willingness to do my work, both inside and outside of the home. Again, usually starts in December, has started this year until this week.

Perhaps it is seasonal affective disorder, perhaps not, but when I start to feel this way, I try to take care of myself as best as I can. I also talk to hubby about this, because my moods can leave him feeling a bit confused and startled. I let him know how I'm feeling, and why, if I know. If I don't know why, I tell him that too. A hot bath, some scented candles, and a good book, followed up with a quiet hour or two of knitting go a long way in helping me regain some of my self confidence.

In nine days, hubby has a whole week off from work. We had originally planned to go somewhere tropical, but with our finances the way they are right now, we decided that it was more important to put the money we had saved for the vacation toward other things. It just doesn't feel right going on vacation in the tropics when we still have consumer debt. We are instead opting for a mini-vacation where I will take the week off from work also, and we will spend some much need time together reconnecting. We may go to a bed and breakfast somewhere for a couple of nights, or we may travel a short distance out of town to a casino that has offered us a couple of free nights in their hotel. We may just stay at home, unplug the phone and hide  away from the world. Not sure yet, but I know that doing next to nothing is on the list.

I'm looking forward to my holiday, so that I can recharge my batteries. Perhaps some time off will get my creative juices flowing again so that I can starting posting regularly.

Help a gal out, fellow bloggers. Give me something to talk about. Tell me what you would like to hear about.


  1. SAD is very common among Canadians! I hope you enjoy your vacation and spend sometime outside and fingers crossed a "little getaway"

  2. I too suffer bouts of depression. It's not an easy thing. Just to recognize and talk about it is great.
    Hang in it's really only about 6 weeks or so till warmer weather and sunshine. Do you take any vit d supplements? I recommend it, has helped me not to dip as bad as previous years.

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  4. I'll try again...

    I wrote a whole comment and realized it didn't apply specifically to you.

    Okay, so here goes:
    Maybe talk about your summer plans for the kids, for yourself, for your family time.

    Do you have a very specific savings goal - like saving for some new furniture or a trip or a hot tub or something for the kids? Tell us about it.

    I recently did an interview with my kids about money and finances. It was cute to see their answers. Maybe do something like that about anything that your kids might enjoy talking about.

    How about a post about how your daughter is doing in her new role as mother. Perhaps she'd be willing to share any financial surprises that caught her off guard when she became a parent.

    Just a few ideas... I hope you are feeling happier and more like yourself soon.

    Hugs! I totally get it, I feel like that occasionally too.